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    hello, everyone.

    I am in Canada (zone 6). My husband surprised me with a bog rosemary and a heather the other day but since we are tentatively planning a move in the fall I want to plant them in a container.

    Can anyone tell me how they will do? I know that the heather can be planted in a fairly shallow container but what about the bog rosemary? I was thinking about using an old child's wagon that we have kicking around here but I am worried that it isn't deep enough.

    Now, in case I haven't COMPLETELY given away that I am a total garden novice... what are some good bedding plants to fill the container with???

    Perennials are kind of a new thing for me. Thanks in advance!

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    Bog rosemary, as its name hints, likes boggy surroundings. Plant it in a rich mix of peat, compost, good topsoil and a bit of sand. And keep it very moist. It won't tolerate "dry."

    I got a bog rosmary (the Blue Ice kind) last year, and it did really well until the end of winter. There was a spate of cold, windy, dry weather, and I*let the plant succumb to exposure.*I couldn't water*the frozen soil since the water won't* soak in,*but I should have covered the container to protect the plant's leaves, which got the moisture sucked out of them by wind.


    This spring I replaced it, and the new bog rosemary is blooming nicely. I'll be sure to protect it this winter if we get a period of cold wind and no snow cover. I'm in zone 6b, but apparently even that relatively mild climate doesn't guarantee that hardy bog rosemary won't suffer if we get those arctic winds.

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