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    my plant (bougainvillea Barbara Karst)*has little yellow dots all over the leaves, when*I got*the vine it was pretty and had so many blooms now it has no flowers and looks bad. Please help*

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    Hi Jordan,

    There are a couple of possiblities.* Bacterial leaf spot is one.

    From this site:

    "BACTERIAL LEAFSPOT, Pseudomonas syringae
    Symptoms. Dark gray to black leaf spots up to ¼ or ½ inch in diameter. Leaves tear or become tattered.
    Survival and Spread. Favored by rain and storms, spread by splashing water. Infects through wounds.
    Control. None developed. Usually none needed.
    Remarks. Usually appears in late June or early July, slightly before Cercospora leafspot. Severe bacterial leafspot may confound early season diagnosis of Cercospora. Cercospora leaf spots have tiny black dots in them; bacterial leaf spots do not."
    Another possibility is a fungal disease - Cercospora leaf spot.

    You can use vinegar as a fungicide.

    These pics might be helpful too.


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