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    Hi there, I have to admit that I don't have a green thumb. But the other day, one of my onions was sprouting, so rather than throwing it out, I planted it in a pot (we live in an apartment). To my surprize, it really thrived into a pretty little houseplant if nothing else. But, now it's getting a new bulb and I'm beginnning to wonder if this thing might be more functional than I thought. I'm trying to find any information online about planting onions, but all I've found is info on growing from seed. I started a second one, but can anyone tell me anything about these plants? Can I eat the green stalks - they smell yummy! - and is the bulb that is growing going to be another onion? Can it grown more than one? Thanks so much!
    - Melanie

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    Hi Clownlady,

    Good for you!!* Yes you can eat the green stalks when they're young.* Some onions do multiply and you probably do have a new bulb that you can separate and grow on to another onion.* Here's some interesting info.


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