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    [align=left]There is only my wife and I living in our home. No kids. We were thinking of planting a herb garden.* I am not certain what to plant.[/align]
    [align=left]I assume I'd like to plant Basil, Parsley, Marjaram(spelling?), thyme.* These are some pretty common herbs we use.* Any other suggestions?[/align]
    [align=left]The area I would be planting them is not very large though. It's a triangle shaped box that is built into my deck. The measurements are about 3 x 5 x 5 feet.[/align]

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    Hi Dups,

    I would say to plant what you can and will use if the space is small.* If you use herbs in cooking, those would be my first choice.* I plant extra of some herbs that we use in cooking for butterfly larval food and plant others just for the caterpillars.* Here in Maryland the black swallowtail butterfly caterpillars (cats) love my fennel.* I also plant extra parsley so they can have some and I can too.*** Some years I use parsley to edge my flower beds.* Some herbs will be perennial in your hardiness zone.* Here's some sites about herbs.

    Here's a Canadian site about butterflies.* At this site at the bottom of the page, it says, " Plant suggestions are provided below for four Canadian regions...", but the links are actually on the left.* Oh, and if you click around at this site, beware that you may find their recording of a frog!* Two of my 60 pound dogs jumped on me to find the frog, and that's quite an awakening if you're a bit sleepy at the 'controls'.* :shock: :shock: :shock:


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