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    i have two clematis vines. One has single purple petals and the other has a flower that is an off-white color with many rows of petals. I need to divide the later and move the purple. I live in MPLS . I need advice on these lovely vines. Maybe someone could help me identify the names of the particular plants. I can send photos. Thanks a lot.javascript:emoticon(':)',%20'images/emoticons/smile.gif')

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    Here's info on transplanting your clematis.

    Do be very careful when you divide your other one to be sure and gently tease the roots apart.

    As for id, this site should be helpful.* Fill in what you know about the plant.

    If that doesn't help you to id it then you might want to ask here.

    Btw, I have no clue where MPLS is.* You might consider adding your state and hardiness zone to your location in your profile.* It will show as mine does.


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