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    I took these seeds from a bell peppers we got from the store. I'm not sure if they are mature enough to germinate though. I know there was no pesticides used on the peppers, but I'm not sure if they're totally organic. There's a picture on this post but I've never put a picture on a post before so don't know how you'll see it. Just for the fun of it I added a poll. Also I dried the seeds (Put 'em on a towel until they were dry) if that changes anything.


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    The picture did show.* Not sure what type of germination you would get if the pepper isn't fully ripe as the seeds may not be fully mature.* I found this info on hot pepper seed saving that would apply to sweet peppers too.

    See #7 here.

    Most green bell peppers will ripen to red.* They are picked green and are not mature.* They need to ripen on the plant.


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    Thanks! I wasn't sure if the time they're ready to eat is the time their seeds*are mature too. The peppers were green an yellow.


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