Fuchsia ( Estelle Marie Fuchsia )

‘Estelle Marie’ is an upright shrub with ovate dark green leaves. Flowers are small to medium, semi-erect, growing on terminal racemes with tubes that are greenish-white, with green tipped white sepals and blue-violet corollas that age to violet with white at the base. This shrub grows to a height of 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Fruit are deep purple. Fuchsias prefer partial shade and should never dry out. They love water and cooler summer temperatures, making them a favorite for the Pacific Northwest. They are also heavy feeders. Feed with a quick release, water soluble fertilizer every other week during the bloom season. When planting fuchsia, start them from transplants around mid-spring. Many gardeners transplant fuchsia around Easter. Soil should be high in organic matter have both excellent water holding and drainage capability. Mulch heavily where winters are cold. Prune back dead or broken branches in spring, especially on plants that were left outside in areas with mild winters. Cooler summer temperatures make Fuchsias a favorite for the Pacific Northwest.