Greenhouse Growing Tips

Great greenhouse tips and useful information to
keep your greenhouse running efficiently.




Greenhouse Checklist

is a decision guideline to help you plan your
greenhouse. If you have questions about any aspect
of the greenhouse, please call, fax or e-mail
us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is waiting
to help.


Aluminum – wood if beautiful, but our aluminum
frames are longer lasting and maintenance-free.
__ Painted Aluminum – best appearance, looks
new for many years.


Tempered safety glass
__ TwinWall or Opal
__ TripleWall
__ Glass walls, TwinWall or Opal roof


Pressure treated timbers (up to 200 sq. ft greenhouse)
__ Concrete/block base wall
__ Concrete slab/tile

Note: Outside dimensions of greenhouse foundation
are given under “Actual Sizes” on
the price charts.


you have not poured a concrete slab, you will
need a walkway down the middle of your greenhouse.
First, lay down landscape fabric
over the entire floor. For an aisle of bricks:
frame the walkway with treated 2 x 4 lumber,
lay down 2″ of crushed rock, then 1″
of sand, and set the bricks with 3/8″ spacing.
A final touch might be to plant lemon thyme
between the bricks! Finish the remainder of
the floor with 2″ of pea gravel.

__ Aisle pavers/bricks, Pea gravel under benches
__ All pavers – provides good drainage
__ Concrete slab/tile – not too smooth or it
gets slippery. Provide for drainage.


__ Shading
__ Heating
__ Air Circulation
__ Misting System
__ Other

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