Bill Kournikakis Pumpkin Growing Log – 1995 Season

Bill Kournikakis Pumpkin Growing Log – 1995 Season

Grower: Bill Kournikakis

I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada which is down in the southeast corner

of Alberta is you look on the map. We have a population of about 45,000. The

nearest big city is Calgary (pop 750,000) which is about 300 km away.

Planting Site: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Geographical: Longitude xx”00′, Latitude xx”00′

Experience Level: Second Year Grower

Last Season: no information

September 13,1995 – Growth Status:

This is my second year growing and my pumpkin is currently at 274 pounds

(estimated using the formula in Don Langevins book) and gaining steadily (avg 7

pounds day of late).

September 17,1995 – Growth Status:

The estimated weight on Sunday was 295 pounds.

Pumpkin TLC.

September 28,1995:

My pumpkin is still growing a bit, despite the cold and frost last week. The

estimated weight is now 311 pounds. The images show my daughters with the

pumpkins. Zoe is 2, Kaylee is 5. The tarp is my genuine


Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Tarp that came in the mail this week.

November 1995:

My daughter Kaylee in my 336 pounder.

Here is Zoe inside 267 pounder.

Here is a .gif of myself and my two girls with the winner from Smoky Lake.

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