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Adonis – Birdseye,
Pheasant’s Eye

It is
difficult to find a bright flowered plant which blooms
as early as does the Adonis. The flowers are a bright
and deep yellow, resembling large Buttercups with finely
cut, rather ornamental foliage. Adonis amurensis is
the first sort to bloom followed by A. vernalis and
A. pyrenaica. The first sort blooms in April, and the
last in May or June. All the sorts grow about 1 foot
tall. Some of the annual sorts are Autumn blooming.

Adonis is especially good to use in rock gardens
or in the border.

Any good light soil will do and they will grow either
in sun or shade, but partial shade is preferred.

The best way is by division of the roots. This should
be done in August. It is a rather slow method by seed
as it takes from three to four years, after transplanting,
for this flower to show its true beauty. One may readily
see that this plant does not enjoy being moved.

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