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Daphne Garland Flower

The Sweet scent of the Daphnes, together
with the fact that one sort is evergreen and another
blooms in Midwinter, endears the Daphne to the lover
of garden gems. These plants are really shrubs, but
because of their low growth and general habit, they
more closely resemble the herbaceous perennials.

Daphne Cneorum (Garland Flower).
The bright pink, four-parted, fragrant flowers and evergreen
leaves combine to make this plant truly beautiful. The,
plants arc hardly a foot tall and bloom in April and
in October.

Daphne Mezereum (Spurge Flax),
not being evergreen, surprises us by producing lilac-purple
flowers any time from February to April. This sort grows
3 feet tall.

UTILIZE. The Daphnes are adapted to
the border, although the Garland Flower is admirably
adapted to a rock garden.

GENERAL. They grow in full sun or partial
shade and light soils. Give them protection in Winter.

PROPAGATION. One can layer branches
of the Garland Flower in the Spring, but the Spurge
Flax is not readily propagated by the amateur.

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