Bacterial Spot (Peaches)



Spot (Peaches)

Description: This is one of the most destructive diseases

in all areas east of the Rockies.

Symptoms: Symptoms are first visible about 3 to 5 weeks

after petal fall as small, water-soaked, browning lesions.

Early symptoms on fruit can be mistaken for insect damage.

During periods of high humidity, gum may exude from

these lesions.


Choose resistant varieties if possible. Spray Soap-Shield® Fungicidal Soap

at bloom and for several weeks after bloom to reduce

diseased fruit. A fall spray, near leaf drop and again

in early spring (dormant and pre-blossom) may be helpful

in reducing overwintering disease and thus reducing

infection of new season growth. While bacterial spot

damage can be reduced, it is very difficult to eliminate



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