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Equipment and Supplies

Victor Poison Free and Safer Brand® Pest Control popular


This site is a plethora of information on everything "pesty" in your home and garden. We sell poison free and least toxic pest control products. There is a great search feature on pests, what they are, what diseases they carry, and how to prevent infestation. We can solve your pest problems without the hazards of poison.

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Equipment and Supplies > Garden Accessories

Water Ballet Copper Sprinklers popular


Beautiful copper art sprinklers that are mesmerizing to watch, soothing to the mind and a fun way to water your garden!

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Equipment and Supplies > Garden Accessories > Irrigation

Wave of The Future popular


Gravityline Irrigation is a micro-porous drip irrigation system for small gardens to large farm operations. Simple to set up and operate for just pennies per foot. Works using a garden tap,low pressure water pump or gravity fed

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Equipment and Supplies > Garden Accessories > Pots and Containers

Vietnamese pottery, ceramics, terracota and handicrafts popular


Vietnamese hand made pottery, terracotta, ceramics, flower pots, vases, planters, jars, lamp stands, urns, dolls, animals, statues, stone, wooden, earthware products, tableware, glazed, unglazed, balls, mugs, bowels and handicrafts at a competitive price by Saigon Pottery – A leading in the industry in Vietnam. Please visit our Web site (www.saigonpottery.com) or contact us at: info@saigonpottery.com for more information and details about company, products and services.

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World-Pottery popular


World Pottery - Style for your home and garden - From glazed & painted pottery to unglazed & terracota pottery, WorldPottery.com has a huge assortment of pots from around the world.

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Equipment and Supplies > Garden Decorations

Wonderful Gardens, Inc. popular


Wonderful Gardens, Inc. specializes in iron garden plant hangers, hooks, topiaries, trellis, plant stands and HoseGuards(tm). We are a family owned and operated business that provides wholesale and retail quality garden supplies that are durable and beautful.

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Equipment and Supplies > Garden Stores

Yardiac.com - the Ultimater Garden Store popular


Stocking over 10,000 items for your lawn, garden and outdoor decor!

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Equipment and Supplies > Garden Tools

Tractor Buddy popular


New bucket and tool holder that attaches to the hitch of you garden tractor. Always have a trash container and your tools with you.

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Equipment and Supplies > Landscape Structures > Trellises and Arbors

True Light Metalworks popular


Handcrafted, functional metal art for home, garden or business. Unique designs in metal sculpture, metal furniture, lamps, railings, gates, and arbors. Specializing in custom orders.

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Whitman Farms popular


large (11/4" caliper) unusual ornamental trees in root control bags shipped ups

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Nurseries > Europe

Winterharte Exoten in Deutschland, hardy exotics in Germany popular


9 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Der Tropengarten ist eine Versandgärtnereifür winterharte Exoten, german online nursery for hardy exotics: Agave, australian plants, Bananas, Cycas, Dasylirion, Dicksonia, Nolina, Opuntia, Palms, Yucca and mediterranean plants

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Nurseries > USA > Southeast

Weird Dude's Plant Zoo, L.L.C. popular


Specializing in rare and unusual perennials, trees, shrubs, alpines, variegated plants, subtropicals.

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Touch of Nature, Inc. popular


Quality Fall & Spring Flowerbulbs & Perannials for the Home Gardener. On-line fast and secure ordering. Looking for Specials, Corporate Gifts or Fundraising in Fall & Spring? Please visit our website.

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Trans-Pacific Nursery popular


Growers of rare, unusual, and exotic plants for the home, garden, and conservatory. Plants of all kinds, from all environments. Trees, including a large selection of Japanese Maples, perennials, houseplants, pre-bonsai, plants from China, Australia, South Africa, and the world.

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Wolf River Valley Farms popular


Affordable plants make gardening with herbs and perennials easy for you. Our online catalog has gardening information for herb, perennial, vegetable, or just about any type of gardening.

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Plants > Bamboo

Zhejiang Bamboo popular


Our company produces a lot of bamboo product,For example: bamboo bed mat,bamboo skewers, bamboo floor mat,bamboo chopsticks,bamboo plywood,bamboo Arts&Crafts Products,Artificial bamboo weaving,bamboo charcoal,bamboo bird cages,bamboo house and so on.

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Plants > Bulbs

Valley K Greenhouses popular


We offer secure online ordering of lily bulbs, including asiatics, orientals and LA hybrids. Featuring the hybridizing efforts of many Albertans, along with the creations of Columbia-Platte Lilies in the U.S. Also offering hardy roses online.

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Plants > Tropical Plants

Tropical Hibiscus: popular


All aspects of growing tropical hibiscus

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Walker's Exotic Tropicals popular


Mail order tropical plants including Orchids, Plumerias (Lei Flowers), bananas, bromeliads, and more!

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Resources > Container Gardening

Windowbox.com - The Biggest Name in Little Gardens! popular


Dedicated to small-space gardens, Windowbox.com is dedicated to providing helpful information and hard-to-find supplies. Ask "The Floracle" which plants will work in your situation, or consult the light-hearted and helpful articles in the "Ask the Experts" section. Grow a virtual plant in the Plant Game, and shop for container gardening supplies, including the most complete selection of windowboxes anywhere.

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Resources > Water Gardening

Water Garden World - water fountain, water garden, pond supply popular


The water garden site for all the best pond supplies, equipment and support need to create and maintain garden ponds, water fountains, tabletop fountains and aquatic plants of all kinds.

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Windmill aeration for fish ponds popular


We sell wind-power and electric aerators for ponds,lakes,dugouts as means to enhance the water quality by increasing the disssolved oxygen levels in the water.

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Tree information - Tom's Tree Service popular


Have a Tree Question ?- " Dedicated to the 'Average Homeowner' Assisting with safeguarding their most important, uninsured real estste asset: Their Tree and Landscape plantings" "Helpful Hints,Tips,Tricks,Professional Secrets, FREE ADVICE"

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TreeHelp.com popular


Your source for tree and shrub species information, insect and disease tips and general how-to guides to help your trees and shrubs stay healthy.

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