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Online Nursery for> 850 rare Wildflower Seeds and Unusual Plants: Aroids (Amorphophallus, Arisaema), Hardy Perennials (Aquilegia, Iris, Primula), Bulbs (Fritillaria, Narcissus, Tulipa), Canary Island Endemics (Aeonium, Echium), Hardy Shrubs, Palms and Trees (Magnolia, Paeonia), Subtropical Fruits (Carica, Passiflora), Subtropical Shrubs and Trees (Dracaena, Ravenala, Strelitzia), Succulents (Agave, Cyphostemma, Dasylirion, Fouquieria, Nolina), South Africans (Gladiolus, Protea, Romulea) ...

Website: http://www.rareplants.de

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