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Nursery Brochet

Nursery Brochet-Lanvin - Nanteuil-la-ForÍt (51480 ) - France - Edith and Dominique Brochet grow and sell to visitors and by mail a great range of plants resulting from introduction and selection works in the new botanic garden of la Presle referenced by the association of French speaking botanic garden . These research are concerning plants and so gardeners from cold and chalky soil countries. Their will is growing without pesticid. It enables to propose hardy rather spectacular plants : hundreds of varieties and species of shrubs as : old roses , willows , Philadelphus , Spiraea , shrubby honey suckle and plants from labiataea and fabacaea family and also alpine plants as kabschia Saxifraga and Veronica . They are member of ASPECO : specialised and consevating nursery association and are keeping 2 collections : Spiraea , Salix .

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