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Exotic Seeds popular


Mail order suppliers of cold hardy exotic seeds.

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Nickys Mail Order Seeds popular


9 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Online catalog of flower, herb, wild flower species and wildflower mixtures, vegetable seeds including Organic, Oriental and Baby veg, grass seed, Tree and Shrub seeds. Secure online shopping worldwide.

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Plantworld Seeds popular


Seeds of rare and unusual hardy perennials by mail order. Plant seed suppliers to gardening enthusiasts worldwide. Royal Horticultural Society medal winners.

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Seeds For the South popular


Flower seeds, vegetable seeds and herb seeds chosen especially for for your Southern USA garden, zones 7, 8 and 9. Free newsletter with Southern gardening tips.

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Seeds of Italy popular


Italian Ingredients you grow yourself, by Franchi Sementi, Bergamo, Italy, Est.1783

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Angelgrove Tree Seed Company


Quality seeds for a wide range of flowering trees, Japanese trees, ornamental, shade and native trees. Serving North American gardeners since 1993.

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Eden Organic Nursery Services, Inc.


We can help you grow your own pesticide free healing plants, tobaccos, vegetables, container gardens and tropicals. Free catalog: organic@stis.net

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Jatropha Curcas Biodiesel


Alternative fuel source for the fossil fuel by making use of the oil extracted from jatropha curcas seeds, which is then converted into biodiesel for industrial and automotive uses.

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Supplier of rare seeds for the home gardener. The website includes images, full description of each plant and germination tips. There's 14 categories, and more then 300 species, from carnivorous plants, to bonsai, palms, exotic seeds, and so much more.

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Silver Falls Seed Company


Our company has quality wildflower and grass seed for your lawn and garden. We are located in Silverton, Oregon- Home of the Oregon Gardens.

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Specialty Perennials


We offer a good selection of hardy perennial plants and seeds for sale. Included on the website are links to many other websites dealing with plants and gardening.

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Tree Seeds


Tree seeds suitable for growing bonsai plants. Mail order worldwide.

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