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Doctor Greenfingers popular


For free gardening advice & help visit DOCTOR GREENFINGERS CLINIC. This has to be one of the best and funiest gardening websites on the internet. And it's run by an amateur gardener.

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Family Gardening popular


Helpful information for the garden and landscaping. Garden Forum, Montly Tips, Gardening Ideas for the kids and more!

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Blossom Swap


Free swap site for gardeners interested in exchanging seed & ideas with other gardeners from all over the world. Garden chat forums with garden topic galore!

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CASA Community Garden


A community garden in Huntsville, Alabama planted and maintained by volunteers. Its harvest goes to the elderly and homebound.

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Colorado Gardening


Gardening Tips, Events, Books and information for Colorado gardeners.

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EcoIQ Urban Greening


Consolidates all of the material on EcoIQ.com with a primary focus on the green and living part of the urban environment, including urban food gardens, landscaping and ornamental gardens, urban parks, trails and paths, urban forests, and urban waters. It includes EcoIQ Magazine on Urban Greening, more than 50 Link Center and Directory pages linking to online urban greening resources, a calendar, anthologies, related educational and media resources, and more.

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Elusive Garden Links


I found it hard to find relevant information on the WWW using search engines so decided to make a links site. Hope you like it? Martin

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An interplot garden site for the new gardener and those who have gardened a while. educational,informative and entertaining along the way. Come and grow with us, share and share again emily

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Garden Portal


A portal which guides you through the world of garden industry:herbicides,gardeners,windchimes,weathervanes,garden centers,hydroponic,flower bulb,irrigation system,carnivorous plants,playground equipment,outdoor furniture,green house,gates,plants etc.

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Garden Time Online


Garden portal wiht over 800 free links for all types of gardening

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Garden Trouble


Free advice from gardening experts by email hundreds of links to gardening web sites pages of tips & advices and FAQ's

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Green Thumb Goodies a Garden Page


Gardening tips, yard projects and links to informative sites.

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Horticulture Guy


Trying to dig up some really useful gardening information? There are shovels-full to be found at Horticulture Guy's (HG's) home on the Web. It's like having a neighbor who is a gardening superhero. Just lean over the cyber-fence and enjoy (or HG will leap it in a single bound).

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Horticus for growers. Dig this!


Providing growers and gardeners with timely, top notch articles and news.

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Just Gardeners


By and for gardeners of all experience levels, from all over the world--articles, resources, forums, seed & plant swaps, garden marketplace.

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Landscape Propagation


Learn how to propagate plants for landscaping purposes including amarylllis, narcissus, daffodils, lilies by bulb section, scales, seed and perennials by root, stem cuttings, more.

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Lewis Gardens


An excellant resource of gardening and the care of perennials.

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Moosey's Country Garden


An eccentric rambling New Zealand Country Garden. Garden diaries, articles, photographs, projects and much more

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Perennial and Rose Gardening


Perennial and Rose gardening information updated weekly. Articles, Photos, Videos and much more including information on perennial and rose gardening pests, diseases and other garden problems. Videos to be added monthly on various rose and perennial gardening topics.

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Information about emerging earth-friendly organic and water-wise gardening techniques and products sponsored by the Progressive Gardening Trade Association.

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Puget Sound, Seattle Western Washington landscape/gardner services and supplies resources. Features: Free webpages, directory, calendar, chat, discussion, classifieds and more.

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Scotts Company Home Page


Home page of the Scotts Company, manufacturer of Miracle-Gro, Ortho and other leading products for the do-it-yourself gardener.

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The Garden Trellis


How-to guides and advice on garden design, plant selection, and gardening techniques.

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The Gardener's Net


1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

The Gardener's Net is your internet gardenig community with information, content and resources for all of your gardening needs.

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