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Garden, Butterfly / Hummingbird - Garden Plan

Garden, Butterfly / Hummingbird

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Create your own wildlife habitat. Three each: Mixed Monarda, Keys of Heaven, Red Penstemon, White Dragonflower and Wild Romance Aster; one Black Knight Butterfly Bush. Planting instructions included.

Butterfly Bush, Black Knight A) Butterfly Bush, Black Knight Penstemon, Red B) Penstemon, Red Dragonflower, White C) Dragonflower, White
Keys of Heaven D) Keys of Heaven Monarda, Mixed E) Monarda, Mixed Aster, Wild Romance F) Aster, Wild Romance

This collection includes:
A Black Knight Butterfly Bush (1), Graceful trusses smothered with dark purple flowers attract flocks of butterflies..

B Red Penstemon (3), Crimson tubular blossoms are beacons to hummingbirds!.

C White Dragonflower (3), This easy care, Virginia native grows 18-36" tall, 12-18" wide. A unique cut flower..

D Keys of Heaven (3), Bushy plants bear clusters of sweet-scented scarlet blooms, attracting hummingbirds throughout the summer..

E Mixed Monarda (3), A delightful mixture of white, pink, purple and red. Monarda's frilly flower heads adorn gardens and borders for weeks in early to mid-summer..

F Wild Romance Aster (3), Butterflies love its vivid red semi-double flowers and yellow centers..


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