Gymnocladus dioica ( Kentucky Coffee Tree )

Gymnocladus dioica is a large deciduous tree, generally reaching 75 feet tall, 50 feet spread in cultivation. It develops a tall, narrow crown, with vertically ascending branches. The bark is gray brown with scaly ridges, curling outward from the edges. It is one of the latest trees to leaf out in late spring, new foliage is pink to purple tinged, turning a dark green for summer, with pale yellow fall color. The female flowers are fragrant, greenish-white on 3 inches pyramidal panicles. The fall fruit is a reddish brown pod, 5 inches long, with seeds encased in a pulpy fruit. Prefers moist, well drained soil, but it is adaptable to various conditions, drought tolerant, not bothered by pests. A very overall attractive specimen tree, with interesting features in all seasons.