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Posted by Diane on August 04, 2002 at 07:13:46:

In Reply to: Re: Herbal wormer containing black walnut, wormwood, cascara sagrada posted by Newt on April 14, 2002 at 23:41:18:

In response to your question, I can't see anything with that preparation hurting you, however, remember that you will probably experience some cramping, discomfort and diahhrea because of the cascara sagrada which is a natural laxative. If you experience extreme diahhrea I would discontinue its use. You should contact the company to find out the proper way to use its product. I can't believe the label does not give specific instructions. You would be wise to contact Randal and Donna Watkins through their website, They will be happy to research the use of those herbs for you or will already have a wealth of existing info on the site that you can search through. They also have a heartworm preventative and/or treatment program for dogs posted there submitted by a lady by the name of Robin who has treated her dog for heartworm successfully using some of the herbs you describe. However, you must use caution when giving dogs certain herbs or medications that humans can metabolize without undue harm yet may be toxic to animals depending on how they metabolize them. I would be EXTREMELY CONCERNED about giving a dog cascara sagrada because it is a laxative preparation. Dogs can become dehydrated much more quickly than humans and we know how detrimental the overuse of laxatives can be to humans, not to mention the gastrointestinal discomfort it would cause a dog. It may also be toxic to dogs. I would not give the preparation you are using to your dog, however you can purchase black walnut and wormwood (artemesia) to give to your dog. To be honest with you, from what I know about black walnut and artemesia (wormwood and mugwort), I don't know why you would even need the cascara sagrada. I'm assuming it was added to help expel the parasites more quickly.

You can also e-mail Robin to find out the amounts for a preventative treatment depending on the weight of your dog. She uses an artemesia combination (wormwood and mugwort with other herbs) as a vermifuge for seven days once a month and also supplements with black walnut. As she has had success without side-effects, I strongly recommend you get in touch with her at I am presently starting my dog on this herbal vermifuge for not just regular parasites but to prevent heartworm as well.

Best of luck!

: : This may sound like a strange question, but here goes...because I work a lot in the dirt and around animals, I thought there's an off-chance I could have some parasite. So, I thought I'd try an herbal wormer just in case. I don't have symptoms of parasites, and haven't been checked by a doctor for it (too embarrassing), but I've read that many people have parasites in their body and never know it. Anyway, I purchased an herbal vermifuge (wormer) from Penn Herb Company (a reputable dealer in Pennsylvania) but I haven't yet taken it because I need some info about it.

: : My question is, has anyone out there used herbs, especially black walnut, wormwood, and/or Cascara Sagrada as a vermifuge, and how long a period does one have to treat for it be effective? (The product label doesn't say! It only gives the recommended dosage of 15-30 drops one to three times daily...and adds "Not recommended for long-term daily use")

: : Also: if one *doesn't* have worms but wants to take a wormer just for insurance, is it harmful to take herbs such as wormwood, that act as a vermifuge? It mentions on the product label that Cascara Sagrada may worsen conditions like abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.

: : I was also wondering if this wormer would be effective for dogs...anyone use herbs to worm their pets?

: : As I said, I know this is a strange question, but let's face it, parasites are out there! I'd greatly appreciate any info!

: You shouldn't be embarressed to have a parasite test one. They would want a stool sample and you can do that in private. If a blood test is needed, I don't see how that would be embarrassing.

: I see a homeopathic and I would never just take an herb for insurance. I just don't think it's a healthy practice. If any of the animals that you work around have a parasite, then maybe you need a test for that.

: If this were my question I think I would want to get opinions from someone on an Herbal Forum. I did a search at and put, in quotes, "herbal forum" and got 309 hits.

: Newt

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Special thanks to Jane and Bob Rosi for providing this information.

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