How to choose and buy a Rose

How to choose and buy a rose

When buying a rose, there are many factors we have to consider before selecting
the correct rose for your garden.  We should consider color, type, climate, planting location and
they soil structure. All these factors are discussed to assist you in
making the correct decision before you purchase or order your rose.  It’s always a good idea to start
to understand the requirements early in the summer. This gives plenty
of time to see what best suits your need.

better to avoid making a final choice from a rose grower’s catalog,
because, the pictures look great but often the colors are not always
true; this also applies to roses exhibited at flower shows, which take
place before the normal flowering season, because the roses are
produced in a greenhouse environment. It should also be remembered that
roses growing in a nursery fields are around one year old and do not
always manifest their ultimate characteristics.

making a decision, it’s best to see roses growing under garden
conditions in a friends’ yard, public parks, demonstration gardens or
the display grounds of the National and International rose test gardens. Always go to a reputable nursery,
because they can be relied upon. Although bargains can sometimes be
found, avoid cheap lines unless you are an expert. When buying you must
see that the roses have several sturdy shoots emanating from at or near
the union and at least three major roots and that they are free from
pests, diseases and weeds.

grown and pre-packed roses can be bought at your local nursery. They
are a little more expensive than bare root roses. Although the choice
of varieties is rather restricted, they are valuable for out-of-season
planting. Container grown roses are particularly useful for replacing
dead roses in an old rose-bed.

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