preparation and dosage of wormwood

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Posted by stephen on July 28, 2003 at 03:29:42:

In Reply to: Re: Herbal wormer containing black walnut, wormwood, cascara sagrada posted by Violet on March 21, 2003 at 16:13:05:

: Wormwood can be used safely as an intestinal cleanser & there are varieties sold in health food stores in capsule or liquid form for this purpose. The variety I'm familiar with is called 'Sweet Annie' or Artemesia Annua, and comes in liquid form from Gaia Herbs & works great. Bootlegged absinthe drink (if you can get it) provides a really wonderful euphoric 'high', although admittedly the wormwood it is derived from (as far as I aware, this drink is made from a different variety or sub-variety of the plant) is supposed to cause blindness over time, when consumed in large quantities. Which is why it was made illegal in some countries in the first place. As of 10 years ago it was still being manufactured legally in Spain, for instance.

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: : : Hi, my name is Tiffany. I got interested in herbs in 1996, and I have done a lot of reading about them and a fair amount of experimentation with herbs since then, too. I think that I have answers to some of your questions. I have used black walnut, wormwood, and cascara sagrada all in capsule form before to help get rid of parasites. I have found the black walnut herb in capsule form to be very effective when used alone or combined with wormwood, or even the herb "cloves" for getting rid of parasites. (I have never used a liquid herbal before to treat parasites, but from my own personal experience with herbs in capsule form, I can say with confidence that black walnut is a benign herb, and it would be fine to take the maximum amount of drops recommended on the label for at least 7 days; however, if you start to experience some side effects, such as a headache, nausea, etc., then reduce your drops per day, but I would still continue to take this liquid herbal for at least 7 days, and I would stop at 10 days. You may want to take half of the recommended drops per day for 7 days, if the liquid herbal is an "extract" because extracts are stonger than just plain liquid herbals.) When I have symptoms of parasites--and if you have spoken to an herbalist, then you know what these are--I take 2 capsules of black walnut hulls two or three times a day for a few days, depending on the level of severity of the problem. Symptoms have disappeared in as little as 2 days and have taken as long as 5 days to go away. Even after symptoms disappear, I still take the black walnut capsules for a day or two just to be sure that I have gotten rid of the parasites. I take black walnut capsules off and on regularly because I tend to get parasites often due to contact with my four cats--even though I wash my hands frequently--and I also take black walnut to help cleanse my body of candida, which is classified as a fungus, (and black walnut is supposed to be good for killing this fungus, too). By the way, I recommend that you do not take herbs on an empty stomach, but if you have not eaten, and want to take a dosage, then be sure to drink at least 8-12 oz. of water with the herbs. (Some herbs, such as St. John's Wort may irritate your stomach, if not taken with food.) As far as pets are concerned, I have sucessfully given black walnut to my cats to get rid of worms in them; the black walnut did not make them sick in any way, and it actually cured one of my cats of tapeworms after 5 days of treatment, I estimate. I just took one capsule of black walnut and mixed it in with the cat's canned food, and I did this two times a day for 5 days, and the symptoms of worms disappeared. Lately, the cats have been detecting that I have mixed something into their food, and they won't eat it, so I am going to try and reduce the dosage to one-half capsule twice per day, and/or I am going to experiment with liquid black walnut extract, and to be safe, I am going to try only the kind that is alcohol-free (glycerin based). I will have to experiment with the proper level of dosage--maybe a few drops per day dropped into their water bowl for about a week or maybe even every day for a month--before I can recommend this to someone else. As far as dogs are concerned, I know of an herbalist who told me that it is fine to sprinkle black walnut herb (powdered form) over the dog's food, and knowing how much dogs eat, it is my personal opinion that you can mix the black walnut herb (one capsule) into the dog's food, and he will eat it, never even realizing that something has been added to his food. You might should stick to one capsule twice per day, but you may want to treat the dog for at least 7 days, especially if he is a big dog. Good luck.

: : : Tiffany
: : i'd be very careful of taking any compound with wormwood in it. it was one of the major ingredients in the now banned liqueur ABSINTHE. Wormwood can have a toxic effect on the liver.

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