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Insect Control and Bug Problems

  Adelgids, General - U. MA
  Andromeda Lacebug - U. MA
  Ants - Purdue
  Aphids, General - U. MA
  Aphids on Deciduopus Trees and Shrubs - U. MN
  Aphids on Ornamental Plants - U. MD
  Aphids On Trees And Shrubs - OH St.
  Aphids - Rutgers
  Aphids - U. DE
  Arborvitae Leafminer - U. MA
  Arborvitae Leafminers - Cornell U.
  Ash and Honeylocust Plant Bugs - U. MN
  Ash Plant Bug - U. WI
  Asian Beetle Update - U. IL
  Asian Cerambycic Beetle - NAPIS
  Asian Lady Beetles - Purdue
  Asian Long-horned Beejtle: A New Introduction (photos)
  Asian Longhorn Beetle - USDA APHIS web
  Asian Longhorned Beetle Alert (photos) - APHIS Web
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - APHIS
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - Cornell
  Asian Longhorned Beetle Found in Chicago (photos) - U. IL
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - IN DNR
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - OH Div. For.
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - OH. St.
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - (photos) - U. IL
  Asian Longhorned Beetle (photos) - VPI
  Asian Longhorned Beetle Quarantine - IL Dept. Ag.
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - U. MA
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - USFS
  Asian Longhorned Beetle - WI DNR
  Asian Longhorned Beetles in Bonsai Nursery Stock - APHIS
  Bagworm And Its Control - OH St.
  Bagworms and Their Control - U. MD
  Bagworms on Landscape Plants - U. KY
  Bagworms - Purdue
  Bagworms - U. DE
  Bagworms - U. MA
  Bagworms - U. NE
  Bagworms - U. NE
  Balsam Twig Aphid - U. MA
  Beneficial Insects - U. DE
  Biological Control: Common Natural Enemies - Purdue
  Birch Leafminer and Birch Borer - U. DE
  Birch Leafminer - Cornell U.
  Birch Leafminer - OH St.
  Birch Leafminer - U. MA
  Birch Leafminer - U.WI
  Birch Leafminers - U. MN
  Black Turpentine Beetle & It's Role in Pine Mortality - Cornell U.
  Black Vine Weevil - OH St.
  Black Vine Weevil (Taxus Weevil) - Cornell U.
  Black Vine Weevil - U. MA
  Borers of Shade Trees and Ornamental Plants - U. NE
  Borers That Attack Landscape Plants - U. KY
  Boxelder Bug - OH St.
  Boxelder Bug - U. MA
  Boxelder Bugs - Purdue
  Boxelder Bugs - U. NE
  Boxelder Twig Borer - U. KY
  Boxwood Leafminer - VPI
  Boxwood Pests - VPI
  Boxwood Psyllid - U. MA
  Bronze Birch Beetle - U. MA
  Bronze Birch Borer and Its Management - U. MN
  Bronze Birch Borer Management - OH. St
  Bronze Birch Borer - Purdue
  Bronze Birch Borer - U. WI
  Cankerworms (Inchworms) - Cornell U.
  Cankerworms - U. KY
  Cankerworms - U. MA
  Common Maple Galls - U. KY
  Common Oak Galls - U. KY
  Common Sap Feeding Pine Pests - U. KY
  Conifer Bark Beetle - U. MA
  Conifer Bark Beetles - OH St.
  Conifer Bark Beetles - U. MD
  Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid & Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid - U. DE
  Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid on Colorado Spruce - OH St.
  Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid on Douglas-fir - OH St.
  Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid - U. MA
  Cottony Maple Scale and Its Management - OH St.
  Cottony Maple Scale - U.WI
  Crabapples Resistant to Apple Scab and Japanese Beetle in Indiana - Purdue
  Cynipid Gall Wasp - Purdue
  Dogwood Borer - U. DE
  Dogwood Borer - U. MA
  Eastern and Forest Tent Caterpillars and Their Control - OH St.
  Eastern Spruce Adelgid - U. MA
  Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid - OH St.
  Eastern Tent Catapillar - U. MA
  Eastern Tent Caterpillar and Forest Tent Caterpillar - U. MD
  Eastern Tent Caterpillar - U. KY
  Eastern Tent Caterpillar - U.WI
  Elm Bark Beetle - U. MA
  Elm Leaf Beetle - OH St.
  Elm Leaf Beetle - U. MD
  Elm Leaf Beetle - U. NE
  Elm Leaf Beetles - Purdue
  Elm Leaf Beetles - U. KY Euonymus Caterpillar - U.WI
  Euonymus Scale - U. MD
  European Gypsy Moth - U. KY
  European Pine Sawfly - OH St.
  European Pine Sawfly - U.WI
  Fall Webworm Management - OH ST.
  Fall Webworm - U. DE
  Fall Webworm - U. MA
  Foliar Nematode Diseases of Ornamentals - U. IL
  Foliar Nematodes in Ornamental Plants - Rutgers
  Forest Tent Catapillar - U. MA
  Forest Tent Caterpillar in the Upper Midwest - USFS
  Forest Tent Caterpillars in Minnesota - U. MN
  Fungus Gnats in the Greenhouse - Rutgers
  Gall Insects - U. DE
  Galls on Shade Trees and Shrubs - Purdue
  Galls - VPI
  Giant Caterpillars - OH St.
  Giant European Hornet - U. MA
  Greenhouse Pests - Fungus Gnats and Shore Flies - Purdue
  Gypsy Moth: A Threat to Minnesota - U. MN
  Gypsy Moth - IN DNR
  Gypsy Moth in Indiana - Purdue
  Gypsy Moth Information - Purdue
  Gypsy Moth on Home Grounds - Rutgers
  Gypsy Moth Q & A's for Nursery Producers - Purdue
  Gypsy Moth - U. DE
  Gypsy Moth - U. MA
  Gypsy Moth - U. MD
  Gypsy Moth - U. NE
  Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Adelges tsugae (Annand) - U. CT
  Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - Rutgers
  Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - U. MA
  Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - U. MD
  Hemlock Wooly Adelgid - Cornell U.
  Holly Leaf Miners - U. MD
  Holly Leafminers - Cornell U.
  Honetlocust Plantbug - U. MA
  Honeylocust Plant Bugs and Leafhoppers - U.WI
  Honeysuckle Leaffolding Aphid - U.WI
  Horned Oak Galls - Cornell U.
  Insect and Mite Galls in the Landscape - U. MN
  Insect and Mite Galls on Plants - U. MD
  Insect and Mite Galls - U. MN
  Insecticides for Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Control - Cornell U.
  IPM Series: Birch Trees - U. MD
  IPM Series: Boxwood - U. MY
  Iris Borer - Purdue
  Iris Borer - U. NE
  Japanese Beetle - OH St.
  Japanese Beetle - Purdue
  Japanese Beetle Resistance in Crabapple Cultivars - Purdue
  Japanese Beetle - U. MD
  Japanese Beetles - U. DE
  Japanese Beetles - U. KY
  Jumping Oak Leaf Galls - Purdue
  Lace Bugs on Deciduous Trees and Shrubs - U. MN
  Lace Bugs - U. DE
  Lace Bugs - U. MD
  Larch Casebearer - U. MA
  Leaf Beetles in Urban Landscapes - U. MN
  Lesser Peachtree Borer - OH St.
  Lily Leaf Beetle - U. MA
  List of Common Diseases and Insect Pests of Rhododendrons - U. CT
  Locust Leafminer - U. MD
  Magnolia Scale And Its Control - OH St.
  Maple Bladder Gall, Spindle Gall and Gouty Vein Gall - OH. St.
  Maple Gall Mites - U.WI
  Maple Galls - U. KY
  Maple Petiole Borer - U. KY
  Maple Petiole Borer - U.WI
  Milipedes, Sowbugs and Pillbugs - Purdue
  Mimosa Webworm - Purdue
  Mimosa Webworm - U. MA
  Mosquito Information - Nat. Park Service
  Mosquitoes In and Around the Home - Purdue
  Native Elm Bark Beetle Control - U. MN
  Nut Tree Insect Management - Purdue
  Oak Disorder: Twolined Chestnut Borer - U.WI
  Oak Galls - U. KY
  Peachtree Borer - OH St.
  Periodical And "Dog-Day" Cicada - OH St.
  Periodical Cicada in Indiana - Purdue
  Periodical Cicada - U. MA
  Periodical Cicadas - Rutgers
  Pine and Spruce Insects - U. IL
  Pine Moths - U. NE
  Pine Needle Scale - OH St.
  Pine Needle Scale - U. MA
  Pine Sawflies - Cornell
  Pine Sawflies - U. KY
  Pine Wilt Nematode - U. IL
  Plant Bugs and Lacebugs - U. KY
  Redheaded Pine Sawfly - OH St.
  Rhododendron Borer - U. MA
  Sawflies of Trees and Shrubs - U. MN
  Scale Insect Control - U. DE
  Scale Insects in Kentucky - - U. KY
  Scale Insects of Trees and Shrubs
  Scale Insects on Shade Trees and Shrubs - Purdue
  Skeletonizing by Rose Chafer - U.WI
  Slugs and Their Management - Ohio St.
  Slugs in Home Gardens - U. MN
  Slugs in Homes, Gardens and Greenhouses - Purdue
  Slugs - U. DE
  Slugs - U. KY
  Slugs - U. MD
  Some Common Shade Tree Galls - U. KY
  Spider Mites And Their Control - OH St.
  Spider Mites on Landscape Plants - U. KY
  Spider Mites on Ornamentals - Purdue
  Spider Mites - U. MD
  Spring And Fall Cankerworms (and other inch worms) - OH St.
  Spring and Fall Cankerworms - U. MN
  Spruce Gall Adelgid - Cornell U.
  Spruce Gall Adelgids - U.WI
  Spruce Spider Mite - Cornell U.
  Taxus Mealybug - U. KY
  Tent Caterpillars - U. KY
  Termite Control - Purdue
  The Euonymus Scale U. DE
  The Japanese Black Pine: What's Happening - Cornell U.
  Turf Insect Management - Purdue
  Viburnum Leaf Beetle - U. MA
  Western Flower Thrips - Purdue
  White Pine Weevil - Cornell U.
  White Pine Weevil - OH St.
  White Prunicola Scale - Cornell U.
  Willow Galls - OH St.
  Yellow Poplar Weevil - U. KY
  Zimmerman Pine Moth Management - Purdue


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