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What to look For When Purchasing Artificial Grass

Is your garden Pinterest worthy? Since artificial grass was introduced back in the 1970’s innovations have come a long way. Now there are many styles, shades and types to choose from. With so many designs on the market it’s often difficult to make the right choice. Here are some pointers you may want to follow.

Artificial lawns are a relatively modern phenomenon in the UK and the result is that the market is growing. Because of this consumers are spoilt for choice from many foreign imports that aren’t designed specifically for use here. As a result they can often appear too dark or alternatively too washed out. To achieve a natural looking lawn the trick is to combine the fresh green look of UK grass with a dual-layer thatch which adds the appearance of depth to your lawn.

As with most things in life you get what you pay for and artificial grass is no exception. If you want something that’s going to last then ensure the colour of the product is consistent throughout and that the tufts are stitched securely. Try to buy the best that you can afford. This way you know that at least you’re investing in a product that’s going to last.

Height of the Pile
If you are going for an authentic grass look, then a pile height of around 30mm is recommended. Any less than this and it will not look natural.

As a general rule of thumb the heavier the product, the more the yarn content contained within. More yarn means denser grass and in theory it should be far more long wearing and therefore more costly in price. However just to make it a little more complicated, if a yarn is shaped and the colour is more vivid, then this too will be more expensive to produce. Therefore if two products are similar in specification, then the differing factor could simply be down to colour. For high traffic areas, then you should ideally be looking for natural colours with a dense finish like the ones available from Great Grass.

Think Wastage
Most rolls of grass come in two metre and four metre widths. When measuring up you always want to take into consideration the wastage factor. When planning your area, if you try to keep one of your dimensions to an even number, then this is going to limit the amount of wastage and hopefully save you money.

So there you have it, five top tips explaining how to find the best artificial grass for you. Hopefully by following these tips you can now go out there and buy with confidence.


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