Lycopersicon esculentum ( Northern Delight Tomato )

‘Northern Delight’ is a very early tomato, good for an early spring opening crop. These plants do very well in the cool weather and short summers of the North. Short, determinate plants bear 2 inch fruits. The two main growth habits of tomatoes are determinate (stops growing when end buds set fruit, crop is produced all at once – bush types) and indeterminate (continues to grow and set fruit – vine type. Flowers will not set fruit if night temperatures drop below 55 degrees F. Tomatoes may be started from seed or transplants. Transplants can be set out no sooner than 3 weeks after your last average frost date. Soil should be warm, fertile and well-drained. Work in a complete, balanced fertilizer at a rate of 1lb/100 SF. Plants should be set out on a cloudy day or late in the afternoon so they will not stress. Dig hole so that plants will be buried up to their first leaves. If stems are really long, plant in a trench with plant laying on it’s side. Leaves will turn upright within a week. Space plants about 3 inches apart. Fertilize again around midseason. Provide plenty of even water until fruit starts to color, then reduce water so that fruit will be more flavorful. Harvest tomatoes when they are in full color for most flavor. For more information see the article “Seeing Red.”