Magnolia dawsoniana ( Lanarth Magnolia )

White flowers with a lavender tinge, purple buds. Listed by Treseder’s Nurseries, Cornwall, England, 1965. Deciduous shrubs, occasionally trees that can reach 50 feet tall, with smooth gray-brown bark and tan or yellowish twigs. Leaves are 4-6 inches long, 2-3 inches wide, dark green and smooth with prominent veins. Leaf undersides are lighter green. Large fragrant flowers, 10 inches across are white, tinged with pink. Stamens are rose-colored. Native to a small area in eastern Sikang Province, China, at 6500-7500 feet. It flowers at 20 years old from seed, grafted plants flower at about age 10. Prefers a sunny location for good flowering , but is otherwise adaptable. Flowers March to April, fruits August to September.