FALL 2007

We will not have a separate fall plant list this year. You may still order from our Spring 2007 listing. We will resume shipping on September 10, 2007. Thank you.

Rick Lupp, Proprietor


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ABOUT OUR PLANTS: We are growing and shipping as many plants as possible in 2 ¼” wide by 3 ½” deep rose pots. Some plants, including most shrubs, will continue to be shipped out of their pots and with some planting mix removed. We hope this method results in a better product for you. Our plants are grown without any artificial heat either in open ended hoop houses or in the open on ground cloth. This allows us to produce hardy plants that are much more closely in character than alpine plants grown in heated greenhouses. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

HOW TO ORDER OUR PLANTS: To order our plants, click on the order form link and print a copy of the order form. Complete the order form and mail the completed form and your check or money order to the address given for Mt. Tahoma Nursery in the upper right hand corner of the order form. We do not accept credit cards.  We do not have a minimum order amount but we do have minimum shipping charges. We will send a confirmation card upon receipt of your order giving the shipping date for your order. Please include this shipping date when making any inquires about your order.