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Lewisia Rediviva: A Jewel for the Alpine House or the Dry Climate Rockgarden.

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Lewisia rediviva is a deciduous perennial plant found at sub-alpine to alpine elevations in the Pacific Northwest and at lower elevations throughout the Great Basin. It is a plant of dry climates. A first class beauty perfect for the open rock garden in dry climates where it will self sow, lewisia rediviva also makes an excellent subject for the alpine house. We are currently doing trials with plants in a full sun sand bed here in the maritime climate of Graham, Washington as well with the plants looking very good after our wettest winter since such records have been kept for our area. In the alpine house we grow 10 or 12 plants together in a 14" hypertufa bowl which is about 5" deep. The pot is filled with a lean alpine mix which is about 3/4 mineral and the pot is feretilized once a year with a slow release formulation.

Lewisia rediviva

The Lewisias produce a marvelous display of satiny-pink, cup-shaped blooms about 2-3" across held on very short stems in May and early June just as the foliage is withering away. These plants experience a long summer drought in nature where they get little or no water around their thick crowns which will rot if kept wet during summer. In cultivation, water should be withheld from the end of the bloom period when the plants go dormant until new, green growth appears in September. Light, regular watering should resume along with the new fall growth. The plants put on most of the year`s growth during the cool periods of early winter which is when we fertilize the plants. Follow this simple regime and you will have healthy, blooming, long-lived plants to adorn your alpine house in spring.

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