Nymphaea ( Mark Pullen Waterlily )

(Plant height:varies) The flowers of this lily are violet-blue with pale blue-green sepal. It has 12 by 11.5 inch green leaves with reddish purple undersides. This variety comes from Australia and does best in medium to large pools. Commonly referred to a “Water Lilies” these plants have adapted to living in total water environment. The leaves of these plants are individually supported on leaf stalks called petioles. Water Lily blossoms vary greatly in color and size. They enjoy neutral to alkaline water and grow best in full sun. Planting should be done in water no cooler than 75 degrees F. If the water is too cool the plant will enter a dormant state. The following planting times correspond to each hardiness zone; for Zone 4 plant in mid to late June, Zone 5 plant in early to mide June, Zone 6 plant in late May to early June, Zone 7 plant mid to late May, Zone 8 plant in mid April, Zone 9 plant in early April and for Zone 10 plant March through April.