Mailing list very from eacH Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP selects which mailing list program best suits their ISP configuration. To date, I know of only three types of email programs.

Listserv or Listproc

Each one of the programs has it own unique set of instructions. Please consult the owner to verify on the correct process. Provided are some instruction and active urls to support the commands.

These are the common processed for each mailing list program.

Listserv or Listproc, or listname-request addresses, send the command Subscribe [list name} [email address] in the body of the message
Smartlist, the command can be either on the body or the subject line. Please consult the link for the correct instructions.
Majordomo, send subscribe[list name] [your email address]

You will not be able to send a message to the mailing list, until you subscribe to the mailing list.






Alpine and Rock Gardening alpine-l listserv body: subscribe alpine-l, First Name, Last Name, USDA Zone
Aquatic Plants aquatic-plants majordomo Water plants
Australian Plants ozflowers ozflowers-request Discusses growing Australian Plants.
Arid Gardener arid_gardener majordomo Gardening in dry climates.
Arisaema-L Arisaema-L Listserv "Jack in the Pulpits"
Bryonet-l bryonet majordomo Moss identification and culture.
Cactus Pears cactus-l listserv Only discusses cactus pear (prickly pear fruit)
Cannas canna-net listproc subscribe canna-net
Chile-Heads Discussion List Chile-Heads majordomo Chile-heads homepage
Cold-Hardy Cactus Group hardycacti_etc listproc This group discusses growing cacti outside in the north.
Compost compost listproc Composting
Culinary Herbs HERBS-L herbs-l-request Cooking with herbs.
Daffodils daffodil listserv Growing Daffodils
Dahlias dahlia-net listproc subscribe dahlia-net
Daylily-open daylily-open majordomo This daylily is is not associated with the American Daylily Society. You do not have to be a member of that society to join.
Enabled-Gardener enabled-gardener listserv This list gardening for the elderly and/or disabled.
Exotic Plants exotic-plants Majordomo This California based list discusses exotic pest plants -invasive weeds.
Ferns fernet macjordomo Growing ferns.
Fogbelt fogbelt majordomo Fogbelt is a mailing list for gardeners in Pacific coastal areas.
Fuschia fml macjordomo Homepage
Gardeners gardeners  majordomo  Gardeners is an unmoderated e-mail list for discussion of all aspects of the gardening.
Gardens and gardening gardens listserv Varied subjects; high volume list
Gardentalk gardentalk Majordomo This is for Texas gardeners! 
send command subscribe gardentalk
Geranium family igsrobin listserv Plant genera within the Geranium family. IGS Webpage
Greenthumb Greenthumb majordomo An email list sponsored by Pennington Seed. 
Growbaby growbaby majordomo Put: SUBSCRIBE GROWBABY or SUBSCRIBE GROWBABY-DIGEST in the message body. Discusses landscaping, plants, and related topics. Experienced landscapers and nurserymen as well as homeowners are encouraged to participate in this list.
Herb information HERBINFO 
To post to Herbinfo-chat use: herbinfo-chat
Put subscribe or unsubscribe in the message. 
digest form 
Hibiscus (Tropical) hibiscus req.hibiscus Put subscribe hibiscus in either the subject or body of the email message.
Hobby Greenhouses hga-l listserv hg
Hosta-open hosta-open 
This list is not associated with the Hosta society and is open to everyone.
IPM ipm
Discusses integrated pest management for the home gardener.
Iris moved to Go to to register and sign up for iris-talk Cultivation
Lichens lichens-l listproc Growing and propagating.
Lily (Lilium) lilium-l majordomo Lilium species lilies.
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants herb listserv Using herbs as medicine.
Mediterranean Plants medit-plants listproc All about growing these plants in U.S. and elsewhere.
Native Plants-Pacific Northwest pnw-natives-l majordomo PNW
New Zealand Gardening nzcp majordomo New Zealand Carnivorous Plants
Orchids orchids URL Type subscribe orchids in message body
Organic Gardening ogl listserv Learn to grow organically.
Ornamental Grasses ornamentalgrasses
Click to subscribe to ornamentalgrasses 
Discusses the growing and use of ornamental grasses.
Palms ipsc listserv IPSC
Parasitic Plants pp listserv Learn to grow.
Perennials perennials majordomo Homepage
Prairie Mailing List prairie majordomo Homepage
Pumpkins pumpkins majordomo homepage 
Roses rose-list rose-list-request Put subscribe in subject line; leave body blank. 
Seeds-List seeds-list seeds-list-request Type subscribe in Subject line 
Leave body of body blank. 
Home page:
Shadegardens shadegardens listserv Homepaget
Southeastern Michigan Native Plants Semier majordomo Put subscribe semier in body of message.
Square Foot Gardening SQFT listserv List talks about the Square Foot Gardening style
Tissue Culture PLANT-TC LISTSERV Discusses all aspects tissue culturing. Primarily for professionals.
Tomatoes tomato Majordomo Growing.
Trillium-L Mailing List Trillium-L Listserv Discusses Trillium and other woodland plants.
Utah Plants utah-gardening majordomo Gardening in Utah.
Vegetables veggie-list veggie-list-request homepage
Water Gardening water-garden listserv Discusses small ponds.
Wildgarden wildgarden wildgarden-request Discusses attracting wild birds, butterflies, bats, and other wildlife to your property, feeding them, providing housing for them to nest in, or just watching them while they go about their daily business.
Woody Plants woodyplants majordomo Put subscribe woodyplants in the message body.
Zone-4 zone-4 Send an empty email to given address
Onelist-based mail lists These are being added to daily Please go to onelist and do a search using terms such as flowers, garden, and plants to find relevant lists.



African Violets Go here to subscribe or unsubscribe avconnection
Aroids  listproc aroid-l International Aroid Society
Begonias majordomo begonias
Bonsai listserv bonsai American Bonsai Society
Bromeliaceae plants listserv brom-l Not associated with society
Bromeliads  join.grow.rr (to join)
(to quit)
grow.round.robin The Bromeliad Society International 
Cacti and Succulents listserv cacti_etc cacti_etc homepage The Cactus and Succulent Society of America's (CSSA) Home Page
Carnivorous  Plants listserv cp Carnivorous Plant Society
Conservatory  plants majordomo  conservatory_plants
Cycad Cycad Click to subscribe to cycad Discusses the Cycad plants.
Gesneriads listproc gesneriphiles  Gesneriad Society International
Haworthias listserv haworthia
Hydroponics hydro-request hydro Put subscribe or unsubscribe [email address] in body of message
Indoor Gardening listproc indoor-gardening
Orchids mailserv orchids OrchidWeb
Propagation topics seeds-list-request seeds-list [Put in subject field: subscribe seeds-list]
home page
Sansevierias listserv sansevierias homepage for sansevierias
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