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Boltonia - False Starwort, False Chamomile

The Boltonias bloom at the same time and resemble some of the wild Asters of the garden and woodland. The leaves are long and grayish and in these characteristics are roughly distinguished from the perennial Asters, or Michaelmas Daisies.

The catalogs commonly list three sorts: B. asteroides, a tall, white sort growing 4 feet to 5 feet tall, blooming in August and September; B. latisquama, which is similar to the former sort but with pinkish lavender flowers; and B. latisquama nana which grows only R feet tall. The colors are not strictly the distinguishing characteristics, but as the catalogs usually agree, we shall pass on to add that the flowers of B. latisquama are generally larger than those of the first species.

UTILIZE. The Boltonias, because of their great height, are highly desirable in large perennial borders because the plants literally bear thousands of star-like flowers. They serve excellently as cut flowers.

GENERAL. The plants are of the simplest culture, taking care of themselves when established. Sometimes when the soil is rich, they grow a bit too tall for their strength. Their appearance is then improved by staking.

PROPAGATION. The seeds usually grow successfully, but the plants are readily divided into pieces in the Spring. Frequent division is advisable as the plants reproduce rapidly.


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