Perennial Flower Information

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Cassia - American Senna, Indian Senna

A hold perennial for large masses, Cassia marilandica is an attractive addition to the large perennial border. The flowers are pea-like, yellow, with a dark center and are borne in large clusters. The leaves are locust-like; that is, they are finely divided. The plants grow 4 feet to 5 feet tall and bloom in August and September.

Uses. Large masses planted among shrubbery or in a wide perennial border are attractive. It may even be used as a hedge, for the plants are rather woody.

GENERAL. Give the plants sun, and if a moist soil is available, they will be at home in it.

PROPAGATION. Cassias produce a large quantity of seed which grows readily if sown as soon as ripe. The woody clumps may be divided with a hatchet.

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