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Convallaria - Lily of the Valley, May Bells

The poet has given the name to the Lily of the Valley, and the botanist, not as prosaic as usual, has translated the name to the Latin word Convallaria. "No flower amid the garden fairer grows Than the sweet Lily of the lowly vale."

UTILIZE. We must have this favorite with us the year round. In the Winter the florist grows Lily of the Valley in the greenhouse for weddings and for bouquets of various sorts. When they bloom in our gardens we cherish them as highly as any other flower for the

lapel, the corsage or for the small vase. In the garden they grow in the shady spots where some other flowers become pouty and will not grow.

GENERAL. The culture is of the simplest. Give them shade and enrich the soil with manure applied in the Fall as a mulch. They increase rapidly' and need to be replanted every three or four years in order that large flowers may be obtained.

PROPAGATION. When old clumps are dug they naturally fall apart and no plant could be easier to propagate.

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