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Doronicum - Leopard's Bane

The Leopard's Bane is one of the few hardy plants which blossom very early in the Spring and continues into the Autumn. It grows about 2 feet high and has broad, oblong leaves of a rich, soft green color which appear with the first signs of Spring. The single flowers are produced on long, stiff stems and resemble a very large yellow Daisy with a yellow center. In fact, these are the earliest yellow Daisy-like flowers. Doronicum plantagineum excelsum is the most commonly cultivated sort. The flowers are 4 inches in diameter and the plants grow 3 feet to 4 feet tall. They begin to bloom in early Spring and continue through the Summer. D. caucasicum grows ll inches to 18 inches tall. The catalogs also include D. austraiacum and D. Clusii as being good sorts.

UTILIZE. Because of their long, straight stems, they make excellent cut flowers and they last for a number of days when placed in water. Because of their rich golden color, they are splendid for the border, for they begin blooming when yellow flowers are rather scarce. If placed in pots, they can be easily forced into flower during the Winter months for the window garden. They succeed well when planted among the Spring bulbous flowers and shrubs or in the rock garden, and they are equally attractive when planted in masses or when used as single plants.

GENERAL. They grow readily anywhere if planted in rich loam and are equally good in shady or sunny positions.

PROPAGATION. The plants should be divided soon after they finish flowering.

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