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Perennial Gardening

Maybe I can get those ducks to come to my water garden!

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Information on 50+ Perennials


Many perennials can be propaagated from seeds. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a fine seedbed in a cold frame or in the garden. Thoroughly mix into the soil enough humus material and sand to give a friable soil, then mix one tablespoonful of fertilzer per square foot of bed area.
  2. Sow seed of most perennials in early summer (May or June) in rows 6 inches apart. Cover 3 times the seed diameter with soil sifted over them. Tamp the soil firmly with a flat board after sowing.
  3. Cover bed with burlap or cheesecloth. Water often, sprinkling through the cover.
  4. When seedling plants appear above ground, raise cover to about 1 foot high.
  5. When seedlings are about 6 weeks old, remove shade cover and scratch fertilzer into the soil between rows at the rate of 1 tablespoonful per 3 feet of row, using 1/2 on either side of row.
  6. In late summer or early fall the plants may be transplanted into permanent position or puS into another bed for further development.

In some cases seeds of perennials may be sown in the fall.


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