Rhododendron x kosterianum ( President Cleveland Mollis Hybrid Azalea )

The Mollis hybrids were developed in Belgium and Holland from original azalea seeds from Japan. They are derived from crosses between R. japonicum (Japanese azaleas, formerly A. mollis) and R. molle (Chinese azaleas, formerly A. molle). Tall, upright, deciduous shrub that is cold hardy down to -10 degrees F. Leaves are obovate to oblong, medium green, 2 to 4 inches long. Flowers are borne in large, showy trusses in mid-spring just before the leaves emerge. The deciduous hybrid azalea, like it’s native counterpart, is known for excellent fall color and unsurpassed spring flowers. The deciduous azalea is usually less picky about soil conditions, though it too prefers well-drained and acid conditions. Though azaleas have a potentially large list of possible pest and disease problems, they are usually trouble free if planted correctly in proper cultural conditions.