Saintpaulia ionantha ( Arctic Mist African Violet )

These compact, rosetted, evergreen perennials, grown as indoor plants, can be tricky and may require some special attention. Heart-shaped leaves (to 2″) are medium green and pubescent. Blooms are delicate and seem quite fragile. Flowers of ‘Arctic Mist’ are double, sparkly white, with short, prominent, bright yellow stamens. Flowers may be up to 2″ across. Needs some bright indirect light to flower, but otherwise needs shelter from light. It is a common misconception that these plants must be watered from below: water on the leaves causes splotches. Not necessarily true. Plants may be watered from above if water is a room temperature. Excessively cold or warm water can be damaging to the plant. If plant is watered from the bottom, do not leave it standing in water for an extended period of time.