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Posted by lieven on September 12, 2003 at 13:27:21:

Hi, I’ve got plenty of great tomato varieties to trade; have fun choosing!
(unless stated, varieties are indeterminate)
1. Amish Paste - 74 days . Red, 8 oz. canner, good producer. Outstanding. These large, deep red, meaty, oxheart fruits, are simply incredible! This variety has been planted by the Amish for many years and if you try it you'll know why! You'll pick basketfuls of these beauties for canning and saucing . They're so flavorful you can even use them for slicing on sandwiches or quartering in salads.
2. Amish Salad- Prolific producer of 1-1/2oz. oval pink fruits that grow in clusters. They take on a translucent quality when ripe. Great for salads, sauces or drying. (75-85 days).
3. Anna Aasa 75 days; a cherry tomato with intense flavor concentration. They are deep red and hang in long clusters from the vines. So rich you won't believe it.
4. Baby Heart - totally unique shape: give these heart-shaped, cherry-sized gems to your beloved ones: they'll love the sub-acid, sweet flavor of these juicy, almost seedless beauties! Semi-determinate; can produce up to 40 - 50 fruits per truss. The juiciest cherries I know.
5. Black Brandywine - 'black' beefsteak, as tasty as its pink, red and red Brandywine sisters, but more beautiful.
6. Black Plum - 78 days- Russia - Extremely heavy producer of cute 2" teardrop shaped fruits that hang in clusters. Deep maroon to brown with dark green-celery shoulders. Flavor is very rich, slightly spicy, sweet, and intense. Great for saucing.
7. Camp Joy- Ind A good tall vine that gives tons of red, slightly elongated cherry tomatoes over a long season.
8. De Barao aka De Barao Black - semi-indeterminate, 67 - 72 days, Smooth oval, deep red and firm, good keeper. Firm, crack free, from the Farmer's Market in Irkutsk, Siberia. 3-4 oz fruits are great for salads and sauce
9. Djena Lee's Golden Girl 80 I Medium-sized yellow tomatoes on plants with beautiful foliage; this Minnesota heirloom won first prize in Chicago World's Fair in the '30s. Radiant color and quite exceptional sugar acid balance and intensity of flavor.
10. Double Rich - Red 4-8 oz fruits very high in Vit. C. Mid-season, wilt and blight resistant." Slicing
11. Druzba - 75 - 93 days - This densely foliaged Bulgarian heirloom bears plenty of fruit throughout the season! The 4 inch fruits measure 4 inches across, and are bright red with a high acid content - giving it that robust "real tomato" flavor! Resistant to most foliage diseases. Indeterminate or semi-determinate vines. Fruits are borne 2-4 to a cluster. Large, 8 oz, with pink-gold shoulders. Druzba means "friendship".
12. Flammée Jaune- 70 days- regular leaf. 2-3 oz. Bright orange, very tasty spheres. Very productive from France. One of my favourites!
13. Ghost - It's really fun to grow this 2oz., slightly fuzzy variety. Fruits are cream with a yellow-peach blush and slightly squarish. full of sweet flavor. 75 days. Great for salads and for eating out of hand."
14. Golden Queen 65 - 80 days – (tasty strain) This Amish heirloom was first introduced by Livingston in 1882! The delicious fruits average 8 - 12 ounces in size and are very meaty, with few seeds. Our favorite yellow tomato!. Deep golden orange fruits are prolific, slightly flattened and have a dramatic flavor. This strain is the only Golden Queen I’ve tried that is NOT bland!
15. Green Gage: my 2003 revelation! The healthy vines yield plenty of trusses of slightly flattened yellow balls – typically 40 grams - which are a beautiful greenish yellow inside, very juicy and sweet, and a real tomato tang too; try it and you’ll love it.
16. Green Grape - 78 days. (Semi-determinate ). This one has the most tomato flavour for your time. I mean, it comes up and whacks your taste buds all over! Heavy producer. Very small seeds. Developed and released in 1986 by Tater Mater Seed.'Green Grape' was selected from a cross of two or more heirloom varieties. Ripe fruits are yellow-green: green at the shoulder, green with yellow veins at mid-section, and translucent yellow-green at the blossom end, resembling large Muscat grapes. Flesh and juice are green. Fruits average 1-3/8in. in diameter and are borne in clusters of 4.
17. Hungarian Giant - heirloom 120days ; 250-350 g
18. Hungarian Italian Paste- 79 days, highly productive, pear shaped tomato with good disease resistance and good holding qualities, bears 'till frost. Fruits weigh 2 to 3 oz. and are borne in clusters of 4. Bears until frost. This is our favorite red paste tomato because of its high yields and healthy vines, plus the fruits make an excellent-flavored sauce. I picked bucketfuls of this very fine kitchen tomato. Big red plum beauties produce as good as any hybrid out there. Added bonus; they can set on your counter a few days
19. Ida Gold - orange, round, very early; I find this one the tastiest of all earlies.
20. Ideal: a Bulgarian, red round heirloom I haven’t tried yet mysself
21. Ildi .. Mini, sweet, yellow, pear shaped fruits hang like bunches of grapes, with up to an incredible 80 fruits per truss! A cordon variety which stays neatly compact, and the fruit has good standing qualities.
22. Japanese Trifele Black - I fell in love with this fabulous tomato this year! It's large, about 8 0z, almost pear shaped, mahogany and black with green shoulders. They had absolutely no defects of any kind and taste terrific. It's one of the prettiest tomatoes I've yet to come across. 80 days
23. Martino's Roma 70 - 83 days Italian heirloom. Compact plants have rugose, dark green foliage. Great flavored heavy yielder of 2-3 oz Roma type fruit This variety may produce the highest yield of all Roma types. The red, pear shaped fruits weigh about 2 ounces each, and have dry, meaty flesh with few seeds. Shows resistance to blossom end rot. Hybrid paste types lose the flavor battle when compared to Martino's. Sturdy vines produce plenty of 2-4oz. scarlet fruits. Wonderful processor and fresh saucer.
24. Peron 85 days. Indeterminate. Tall, vigorous vines to 5¹ with regular leaves, producing flawless globe fruits of baseball size. This variety is extraordinarily resistant to bugs and disease, thriving when other tomatoes in our fields have succumbed to blight. Bears well, late in the season. Classic flavor, from Argentina The world's only sprayless tomato, requiring no pesticides for production. Excellent quality fruits very high in vitamin C.68 days. Determinate
25. Pink Ping Pong (Heirloom) - This is one that shows you how resilient an outstanding tomato can be during adverse conditions. Size was like a ping pong ball, and it held forever on the vine and on the countertop when picked - I never saw one rot no matter how old it was. the fruits were a lacklustre pale red (not exactly bright cotton candy pink, though tomato people would call it a pink), but again, it is so outstanding the so-so color was certainly not a deterrent! You can neglect it and have horrid weather and it will still hang on, and hang on well.
26. Reine Claude Rouge - red, round, salad, delicious musky or fruity taste, depending on your taste buds.
27. Rose de Berne: . pink beef, a serious rival to Brandywine: I’ve found it more productive, and tastier; what do you think?
28. San Marzano - dark red paste, 80 days, Italian favourite giant plum, crack resistant, very good canner
29. Santa f2 - the original grape tomato which shows almost NO segregation in the F2 (1%) Prolific amounts of orange red to deep red 1/2 ounce fruit in clusters that resemble elongated grapes. Outstanding meaty, sweet flavor. 60 days; cool tolerant, once picked keep better than many cherry tomatoes.
30. Silvery Fir Tree Very unusual attractive lacy silver-green foliage like carrot leaves, from Russia. Compact and suitable for patio growing. Produces abundance of 3-4 inch flattened red very juicy fruits with great flavor. Does require staking in containers. 58 days. Determinate.
31. Sub Arctic Plenty – Red, 50 days, good yields, sets fruit at low temperatures, 60 g
32. Sungella -A new larger fruited Sungold - Very heavy cropper - As uniform as a Hybrid! - Delicious sweet flavour. A dedicated T&M customer from Norfolk, spent several years in breeding this cross between Sungold and a larger fruited, orange skinned heirloom favourite. Sungella produces a huge yield of orange skinned, golf ball sized fruits. Each fruit has a sweet juicy taste, with low acidity, as you would expect from its parentage. Long trusses with masses of hybrid quality fruit, ideal for a complete season's picking. Like its parents it grows equally well under glass as it does outside. Grow as a Cordon or Indeterminate.
33. Sweetie - very tasty red cherries, in grape-like clusters; 65 - 70 days
34. Whippersnapper – beautiful compact bush with hundreds of pink oval cherries, 52 days

I usually put 10 to 15 tomato seeds in one packet.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) , aka Indian Ginseng:
This wonderful perennial shrub is related to tomatoes etc, and as easy to grow . Start the seeds in early spring, giving them at least 21 ° C for 6 weeks, then plant on a sunny spot – my greenhouse is the ideal place! Take whatever quantity of the rather bitter leaves & roots, brewed into a strong tea, or (my trick) dried & ground & mixed with some honey; you’ll feel the effects after a few days.
Since early Sanskrit texts, it has been described as an anti-ageing, anti-exhaustion, rejuvenating, aphrodisiac agent. Scientific research on the alkaloids in Ashwagandha has shown sedative, anti-bacterial, anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, … properties, and no side-effects!
However, the most interesting effect of Ashwagandha is that it reduces the amount of cortisol released by the adrenal glands during periods of stress.
Whatever your climate: try this herb: it’ll change your life!

And this is my WANT list:

Allium Species (edible types only - I already have Garlic Chives)
Asian greens & mustard greens
Brassica carinata
Broccoli – Calabrese / Romanesco
Campanula versicolor.
Estafiate (Artemisia Ludoviciana)
Fedia Cornucopia
Garlic varieties!
Hulless Seed Pumpkin
Italian mache (Valerianella eriocarpa & V. locusta)
Jaltomato (Jaltomata procumbens)
Japanese greens: Hiroshimana; Misome, Green Wonder, Komatsuna, …
Kudzu (Pueraria lobata )
Lettuce: Leaf & Cos & Batavia & Summer Crisp Varieties
Maca (Lepidium Peruvianum)
Mache = Corn salad
Radish / Daikon
Rakkyo (= Allium Chinense)
Reichardia picroides
Root parsley
Smyrnium olusatrum
Snap Peas
Solanum Burbankii
Strawberry species
Summer Savory
Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas: fragrant varieties
Sweet Pepper: very early varieties: such as Fushimi, Frigitella, …
Swiss chard
Tagetes Lucida / Anisata
Vicia narbonensis
Winter Broccoli aka Sprouting Broccoli
Winter Leek
Winter Savory
White Sage (Salvia Apiana)

Baby Blue
Golden Crown
Heart of Gold
Honey Boat
Patty Green Tint
Sugar Loaf
Sun Drops
Sweet Dumpling
Sweet Nut
Sweet Zucchini
Yellow Acorn
Any other ornamental summer squash
Any other very sweet & small winter squash


Amish Gold
Big Italian Plum
Bisignano #2
Canestrino #1
Ciudad Victoria
Dix Doights De Naples
Earl of Edgecombe (please!)
Gilbertie Paste
Giant Pepperview
Golden Cherry
Grandma Mary's Paste
Joe's Plum
Jumbo Jim Orange
Jumbo Roma
La Carotina
La Roma
Mike's Italian
Olivette Jaune
Red Sungold
Rideau Sweet
Rosalie's Paste
Roughwood Golden Plum
Ruby Cluster
Ruby Gold
Ruby Pearl
Russian Big Roma
San Marzano ( La Padrino)
Santa Clara Canner
Sol Gold
Sun Drop
Sungold Select
Super Italian Paste
Super San Marzano
Teton de Venus
Tom Patti's Italian Paste
Unas Yellow Cherry
Valley Girl

(you can suggest any other tasty & prolific varieties you like; especially dry paste types; unfortunately, varieties that need more than 90 days to ripen are rather too late for our climate)

Thank you!

Lieven David
Molenstraat 31
3202 Rillaar
This list was updated on Friday, 12 September 2003.

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Special thanks to Jane and Bob Rosi for providing this information.

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