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Streptocarpus Windowsill Magic Mixed F1

Streptocarpus Windowsill Magic Mixed F1

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Streptocarpus Windowsill Magic Mixed F1

Greenhouse Herbaceous Perennial

  • Flowers: Winter
  • Position: Sun or part shade
  • Soil: Damp
  • Zones: 10
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Germination: Challenging
  • Aftercare: Care and Understanding
  • Special Features: Flowers in first year
  • Ideal for: Conservatory, Greenhouse, Pot Plant


These new Cape Primrose F1 hybrids have been specially selected for their exotic long-lasting flowers in summer and early autumn. They are excellent subjects for a warm position indoors or for greenhouse or conservatory. When mature, the plants prefer neglect to coddling. Flowers summer and early autumn. Height 30cm (12in).

Sowing Instructions

Sowing time: late winter or early spring.

Sow in heated greenhouse, propagator or warm position indoors using a peat based seed compost. Aim for a soil temperature of 21C (70F). Sow thinly on the surface of moist compost and do not cover the seed. Light improves germination. Cover the container with a sheet of glass or clear plastic until the seeds germinate, then remove the cover and lower temperature to 12-15C (55-60F).

Growing Instructions

Prick out when large enough to handle into 5cm (2in) pots. Finally pot up into 13-15cm (5-6in) pots.

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