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Dwarf Bean - Amethyst Dwarf Bean - Amethyst
Tasty, stringless purple beans grow on compact plants perfect for the patio garden. A great choice for planting in con... more details
Bush Bean - Delinel Bush Bean - Delinel
A very heavy cropping French 'filet' type with 6in mid-green, stringless pencilthin pods, with a unique texture and di... more details
Pole Bean - Fasold Pole Bean - Fasold
Very early to crop, with a long harvest period and decorative mauve flowers. Produces a huge harvest of long, fleshy, ...  more details
Runner Beans - Wisley Magic Runner Beans - Wisley Magic
Voted 'The Best on Trial' in the most recent RHS AGM Runner Bean trials! Produces the heaviest yield of quality beans ...  more details
Runner Bean - Moonlight Runner Bean - Moonlight
A major breakthrough! Unique, profusely white flowering variety combines the beneficial characters of French beans int...  more details
Pole Bean - Cobra Pole Bean - Cobra
Exceptional flavor. Mid-green, smooth, round stringless 7in long pods. Produces a huge yield throughout the season. Un...  more details
Runner Beans - Scarlet Empire Runner Beans - Scarlet Empire
Bred from Scarlet Emperor, an English kitchen garden favorite for over 100 years. Produces a longer, smoother, more sl... more details
Bush Bean - Organic Bean Modus Bush Bean - Organic Bean Modus
Heavy-cropping, straight dark green cylindrical 6in pods on bushy plants which crop profusely over a long period. Comm...  more details
Pole Bean - Blauhilde Pole Bean - Blauhilde
Delicious bunches of stringless, purple, round/oval fleshy pods up to 11in long. Beans look attractive in vegetable an...  more details
Fava/Broad Bean - Jubilee Hysor Fava/Broad Bean - Jubilee Hysor
A major improvement on traditional varieties, producing a tremendous yield of broad, well-filled pods, each containing...  more details



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