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Cucumber - Cucino F1 Hybrid Cucumber - Cucino F1 Hybrid
Unique bite-sized 'Mini Munch Cucumber' perfect in your daily lunch box. These tasty, crisp little fruits are produced...  more details
Cucumber - Burpless Tasty Green F1 Hybrid Cucumber - Burpless Tasty Green F1 Hybrid
Crisp, delicious and ideal to eat just like celery. Pick at 8-10in long when flavor and vitamin content is very high. ...  more details
Cucumber - Long White Cucumber - Long White
This is not just a novelty cucumber! Its non-bitter, thin, tender skin means peeling is not necessary. Firm flesh with...  more details
Gherkin - Diamant F1 Hybrid Gherkin - Diamant F1 Hybrid
An early ripening and prolific cropping gherkin, producing short, firm-fleshed tasty fruits over a long season. Ide...  more details
Cucumber - Tiffany F1 Hybrid Cucumber - Tiffany F1 Hybrid
A vigorous plant habit, producing many long, darkgreen- skinned, slightly ribbed, bitter-free fruits 11-14in long, thr... more details
Organic Cucumber Picolino F1 Hybrid Organic Cucumber Picolino F1 Hybrid
Crisp, juicy half-length mini cukes ideal for slicing and used for one meal with no waste. All-female flowering so pro... more details
Cucumber - Lemon Cucumber - Lemon
A popular and very productive variety for both slicing and pickling. Vigorous trailing vine and a prolific cropper. Sh... more details
Cetriolo – Cucumber Slangen Longa da China Cetriolo – Cucumber Slangen Longa da China
Long, slender mid-green fruits with short spines. Produces a more reliable crop if grown under glass but will grow out... more details



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