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Lettuce - Chartwell Lettuce - Chartwell
The tastiest of all the romaine lettuces we have ever trialed. romaine lettuces are renowned for their crunchy texture...  more details
Lettuce Mixtures - Ultimate Mixed Lettuce Mixtures - Ultimate Mixed
An exciting mix of named varieties with excellent nasonovia (green) aphid and mildew resistance, so top-quality lettuc...  more details
Lettuce - Little Gem Lettuce - Little Gem
One of the earliest varieties to mature. Produces compact plants which are packed with a crisp sweet heart and little ...  more details
Lettuce - All the Year Round Lettuce - All the Year Round
Medium heads with solid, crisp hearts. Very hardy, reliable and dry-weather tolerant. Ideal for successional and autum...  more details
Lattuga – Lettuce Rossa a Foglia Riccia da Taglio Lattuga – Lettuce Rossa a Foglia Riccia da Taglio
A loose leaf picking lettuce producing abundant bronze leaves adding color to salads and sandwiches or delicious and d...  more details
Lettuce Mixtures -  Color Shades Mix Lettuce Mixtures - Color Shades Mix
A tantalizing mix of bronzed and red non-heading (looseleaf) and heading varieties to add color, texture and taste to ...  more details
Lettuce-Cassandra Lettuce-Cassandra
A superb-quality, pale green butterhead with excellent-flavored, well-filled voluminous hearts. Resistant to most race...  more details
Lettuce - Mini Green Improved Lettuce - Mini Green Improved
Improved breeding in delicious, crunchy, tennis ball-size mini icebergs. Plants have a compact habit with very few was... more details
Lettuce - Buttercrunch Lettuce - Buttercrunch
Delicious small, compact, dark green heads with a crisp, crunchy, sweet flavor and buttery central heart. Very slow to...  more details
Lettuce - Tom Thumb Lettuce - Tom Thumb
The smallest lettuce. A compact, solid butterhead type with deliciously soft leaves, just right for small families or ...  more details



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