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Melon Seeds

Watermelon - Yellow Baby Watermelon - Yellow Baby
Rated best in taste tests, even beating standard red varieties. Naturally self-pollinating and almost entirely seedles...  more details
Melon -  Orange Sherbet F1 Hybrid Melon - Orange Sherbet F1 Hybrid
Compact variety is easy to grow and perfect for small spaces! Orange Sherbet will produce slightly ovalshaped 'charent...  more details
Melon - Minnesota Midget Melon - Minnesota Midget
Ideal for small gardens as produces semi-trailing vines about 3ft long. Produces small round fruits about 4in in diame...  more details
Melon - Hale's Best Melon - Hale's Best
Firm, favorite muskmelon combines excellent flavor with earliness. The oval fruits have a golden netted skin with s...  more details
Watermelon - Charleston Gray Watermelon - Charleston Gray
This old favorite produces fruits up to 2ft long that weigh up to 35lbs. Gray-green rind with succulently crisp red... more details
Melon - Galia F1 Hybrid Melon - Galia F1 Hybrid
Absolutely oozes with sugary-sweet juice and crisp succulent flesh. Very vigorous with fruit maturing early and in rap...  more details



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