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Bunching/ Spring Onions/Scallions -  Purplette Bunching/ Spring Onions/Scallions - Purplette
An early bulbing, glossy purple-red skinned salad onion when small. The color changes to a lovely pastel pink when lar...  more details
Bunching/ Spring Onions/Scallions - Performer Bunching/ Spring Onions/Scallions - Performer
Year-round producer! Performer produces upright, dark green leaves and mild-flavored stems which do not bulb. You can ...  more details
Onion - Ciboule Onion - Ciboule
Forms a clump of slender, elongated white-skinned bulbs and long green stalks, similar to chives. A type of perennial ...  more details
Bunching/ Spring Onions/Scallions - Ishikuro Bunching/ Spring Onions/Scallions - Ishikuro
A unique type that does not form bulbs, yet stays white and very straight. Can be harvested pencil thin, or left until... more details
Onion sets (Long day) - Yellow Onion sets (Long day) - Yellow
Excellent golden-yellow variety is one of the most popular sets available! And with good reason—its mild flavor ...  more details
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Onion Salad Apache (Deep Purple) Onion Salad Apache (Deep Purple)
An attractive, deep purple-red-skinned spring onion with a mild flavor and a crisp texture. The purple outer skin merg...  more details
Onion sets (Long day) - Red Onion sets (Long day) - Red
Delicious in sandwiches and salads, this eye-catching, purplish-red variety is at its tastiest raw. Firm, sweet white ...  more details
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Onion from Seed (Long day) - Cipollini Yellow Onion from Seed (Long day) - Cipollini Yellow
Quick-growing, small flat bulbs with yellow/brown skins and crisp, white tasty flesh. Excellent for a range of culinar...  more details
Organic Spring Onion White Lisbon Organic Spring Onion White Lisbon
The traditional and most popular spring onion for succession sowings. Long, white stems and bright green tops, and slo... more details
Onion sets (Long day) - White Onion sets (Long day) - White
Produces record yields! Large bulbs have a cool, crisp, fine-grained texture and produce some of the biggest, tastiest...  more details
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