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Snow Pea/Sugar Snap Pea - Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea/Sugar Snap Pea - Oregon Sugar Pod II
Heavy cropping and vigorous medium long, flat ¾in wide pods. Crisp, sweet and delicious. Resistant to powdery m...  more details »
Asparagus Pea Asparagus Pea
Very easy to grow, producing lots of delicious, winged pods for up to 10 weeks. Harvest when 1in long and cook lightly...  more details »
Pea - Sugar Ann Pea - Sugar Ann
A fine-quality sugarsnap with round, fleshy, pale green, sweet-tasting succulent pods. Very early and heavy cropping. ...  more details »
Garden Pea - Alderman Garden Pea - Alderman
Plants produce a huge crop of large, curved, dark green pods containing up to 11 succulent, superbly flavored peas. At... more details »
Snow Pea/Sugar Snap Pea - Sugar Snap Cascadia Snow Pea/Sugar Snap Pea - Sugar Snap Cascadia
Dwarf habit, producing very fleshy, rounded 'snap' pods which remain tender and sweet over a longer period than many '...  more details »
Pea - Jumbo Pea - Jumbo
Maincrop of 'Rondo' type pods produces an excellent crop over a long picking period on vigorous plants. Straight, long...  more details »
Garden Pea - Lincoln Garden Pea - Lincoln
The dark green, curved pods of this well-known and reliable heirloom pea variety contain 8 to 9 succulent and sweet, t...  more details »
Garden Pea - Ambassador Garden Pea - Ambassador
One of the most disease-resistant varieties, particularly powdery mildew, so ideal for sowing successionally later in ...  more details »
Garden Pea -  Green Arrow Garden Pea - Green Arrow
Very popular maincrop variety combining huge yields with exceptional sweetness. Long pointed pods, many doubles, conta...  more details »
Organic Pea Onward Organic Pea Onward
Big and tasty! Onward produces high yields of plump, blunt ended pods full of large, 'marrowfat' peas. Productive vine...  more details »



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