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Gourd Seeds

Gourds - Autumn Glory Gourds - Autumn Glory
A hand-selected mixture of small gourds in a wide range of colors and shapes including smoothskinned, warted and winge...  more details
Gourds - Snakes Gourds - Snakes
Grow your own slippery snake! Unusual pale green narrow gourds that twist and curl. Once dried, they can be painted wi... more details
Gourds - Jim Jams Gourds - Jim Jams
An all encompassing mixture of easy-to-grow small gourds, mixed with large decorative squashes, offering almost every ...  more details
Gourds - Dinosaur Gourds - Dinosaur
A prehistoric-looking, large green, wrinkly skinned, bottle-shaped gourd, ideal as an eye-catching climber or for grou...  more details
Gourds - Speckled Swans Gourds - Speckled Swans
Speckled Swans with life-like crooked necks in an unusual two-tone green pattern that, when dried, can be painted to a...  more details
Gourds - Russian Dolls Gourds - Russian Dolls
Unusual, doll-shaped gourds that can be harvested at various sizes, dried and painted to your own design, creating a f...  more details



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