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Spokeo Removal Process

Go to and enter your name, they have all kinds of info on you.

There is a website that contains personal information on everyone. Go to the website, enter your name, city, state. You will see your information, including; your age, address, phone number, your spouses name, age, and the number of children in your home, a map to your house including a satellite photo of your house and property, and a closer birdís eye view and the value of your home.

For $2.95, any D-Cut member or equally despicable lawyer can then obtain information on your assets, social network profiles, photos, hobbies, etc. including your family.

To delete your personal information, right click the URL at the top of the page and cut it, then click on the privacy icon at the bottom right of the page, you will then have a page that has three lines to fill in, on the URL , right click and then paste the URL in that blank, enter your e-mail address in the blank below that and then enter whatever the security code is displayed near the bottom, then click on Remove listing .

In about 30-45 minutes (mine took a matter of seconds), you will receive an e-mail indicating your information has been deleted. You can delete only two persons per e-mail. If your 80 year old parents or other loved ones are on Spokeo , get them off of there. Please share this with other friends and family if you think its worth while to do so.

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