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We offer a large assortment of trees to support your landscape. In addition we offer bushes, shrubs, hedges and Fruit trees.

Before planting any tree it is important to bear in mind that no matter how small it is, it will get larger, and in many cases one day grow to form a dominate feature of the landscape. Remember also that trees act as a cheif unit of scale in the average garden, soften the hard outline of buildings, act as windbreaks giving protection in exposed positions, form an excellent sound baffle, aborbing the noise of a busy streets, function as air conditioners and air purifiers, provide food and refuge for a large number of birds and animals, and give shade in the height of the summer.

Bushes, Shrubs & Hedges

Trees - over 150 species

Fruit Trees - apple, cherry & more
Over 40 fruit trees species

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Cherry Trees
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Nectarine Trees
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Fruit Trees

Adams Needle American Beech
American Elm American Hornbeam
American Maidenhair Fern American Sycamore
Angel Face Anvil Pruning Shears
Arborvitae - American Arborvitae - Globe
Arborvitae - Pyramidalis Arborvitae - Techny
Aristocrat Flowering Pear Arrow Anchor Kit
Aspen - Quaking Austrian Pine
Autumn Blaze® Red Maple Autumn Olive
Autumn Purple Ash Autumn Sweet
Backyard Composter Bald Cypress
Bamboo Tree Stakes Barberry-Red Leaf Japanese
Bartlett Bigleaf Periwinkle
Bing Bitternut Hickory
Bitternut Pecan Black Cherry
Black Gum Black Hills Spruce
Black Locust Black Oak
Black Walnut Black Walnut - Carpathia
Black Walnut - Thomas Black Black Willow
Blaze Blue Chinese Wisteria
Blue Spruce Seed Kit Bonica
Boston Ivy Box Elder Maple
Boxwood - Wintergreen Bradford Flowering Pear
Braeburn Brass Water Wand
Bur Oak Burning Bush - Compacta
Burning Bush-Bursting Heart Butterfly Bush - White
Butterfly Bush-Claret Purple Butterfly Flower Kit
Butterfly House Buttonbush
Canadian Hemlock Cape Cod Weeder
Carefee Delight Carefree Beauty
Castleton Chanticleer Flowering Pear
Cherry Bark Oak Chestnut
Chestnut Oak Knock Out
Kousa Dogwood Kwanzan Flowering Cherry
Lacebark Elm Ladybug Village
Lagerfeld Lapin
Seafoam Secret Soaker
Sensitive Fern Serviceberry
Shademaster Honey Locust Shagbark Hickory
Shellbark Hickory Chickasaw Plum
Chinese Chestnut Chinkapin Oak
Chokeberry - Black Chokeberry - Red
Christmas Fern Chuckles
Cimmaron Ash Cinnamon Fern
Classic Roses Playing Cards Claw Cultivator
Cleveland Flowering Pear Cobblestone Mold
Colorado Blue Spruce Comice
Concolor Fir Corkscrew Willow
Cortland Cottage Garden Playing Cards
Cottonwood - Siouxland Crinkle Paper Tree Wrap
D Anjou Daisy Seed Kit
Damson Dawn Redwood
Day Breaker Deer Away - 1 gallon
Deer Away - 16 ounces Deer Away - 8 ounces
Dogwood - Coral Red Dogwood - Greytwig
Dogwood - Redosier Dogwood - Silky
Double Cut Pruners Double Delight
Douglas Fir Drip Irri-GATOR 100 ft
Drip Irri-GATOR 1000 ft Drip Irri-GATOR 250 ft
Dutchmans Pipe Dwarf Mondo Grass
Dwarf Red Buckeye Early Italian
Earth Anchor - 15 inch Earth Anchor - 30 inch
Earth Right Soil Conditioner Eastern Red Cedar
Eastern Red Oak Eastern Redbud
Eastern White Pine Eastern Whitebud
Ebony Spleenwort Fern Economy Pruner
Elberta Elderberry - American
European Design Pruner Fantasia
Felco Folding Saw Fertilizer Stakes - Evergreens
Fertilizer Stakes - Fruit Trees Fertilizer Stakes - Trees
Flame Amur Maple Flexible Tool Rack
Forest Pansy Redbud Forsythia - Lynwood Gold
Forsythia - Spectabilis Four Way Soil Analyzer
Fraser Fir Fuji
Gala Garden Tool Set
Gardening Gloves Gertrude Jekyll
Ginkgo Gobbler Sawtooth Oak
Goldbar Golden Delicious
Golden Raintree Goldenrain Tree-Chin. Flame
Goldstrike Gourmet Dwarf
Granny Smith Green Ash
Gro and Show Kit Hackberry
Hand Weeder Hanging Moss Basket - 14 in.
Hanging Moss Basket - 18 in. Hardy Pecan
Haven Bird Feeder Hayscented Fern
Hazelnut Heavenly Bamboo
Henry Hudson Henry Kelsey CL
Heritage® Birch Hinder Repellent
Home Soil Test Kit Honey Perfume
Honeycrisp Honeysuckle - Red Rum
Honeysuckle - Winter Honeysuckle-Pink Tatarian
Horsechestnut Buckeye Hot Bed Weeder
Hummingbird Flower Kit Hybrid Poplar
Hydrangea - Grandiflora Hydrangea - Nikko Blue
Hydrangea - Oakleaf Iceburg
Improved Duarte Indian Summer
Indigo Bush-False Indigo Ingrid Bergman
Intrigue Italian
Japanese Honeysuckle - Halliana Japanese Honeysuckle - Halliana
Japanese Red Maple Japanese Spurge
Japanese Spurge - Green Carpet Japanese Spurge - Silveredge
John Franklin Jumbo Rain Gauge
Just Joey Kenkel Nut Cracker
Kentucky Coffee Tree Lawn Clean Up Caddy
Leatherwood Fern Lilac - Common purple
Lilac - Korean Lilac - Miss Canada
Lilac - Persian Lilac - White Persian
Liriope Loblolly Pine
Lombardy Poplar London Sycamore
Magnolia x Ann Magnolia x Jane
Marigold Flower Kit Mayhaw
McIntosh Memorial Day
Metal Garden Markers - 10 in. Metal Garden Markers - 15 in.
Mimosa Tree Mock Orange - Sweet
Mock Orange-MN Snowflake Mockernut Hickery
Moisture Meter Montmorency
Mountain Laurel Mugho Pine
Mycor Transplant Tree Saver Native American Plum
Nearly Wild New Dawn
Northern Catalpa Northern Red Oak
Norway Spruce Nutri Pak - flowering plants
Nutri Pak - potted plants Nuttall Oak
Ohio Buckeye Okame Cherry
Oklahoma Redbud Osage Orange
Overcup Oak Pansy Flower Kit
Paper Birch Paradise
Patmore Ash Paw Paw
Peace Periwinkle
Persimmon pH & Fertilizer Soil Analyzer
Pictorial Guide To Perennials Pignut Hickory
Pin Oak Pink Flowering Almond
Pink Flowering Dogwood Planting Dibble Bar
Playboy Pocket Magnifier
Poetry Stones Ponderosa Pine
Post Oak Potentilla - Abbotswood
Potentilla - Tangerine Potentilla-Coronation Triump
Privet - Amur North River Privet - Chinese South
Privet - Londense Protective Netting
Purple Wintercreeper Euonymus Purple Wintercreeper Euonymus
Purpleleaf Sandcherry Pussy Willow - French
Pussy Willow - Pink Pussy Willow - Silver
Rainier Rambling Red
Red Delicious Red Flowering Dogwood
Red Flowering Quince Red Globe
Red Gold Red Maple
Red Maple - Autumn Flame Red Maple - October Glory
Red Maple - Red Sunset Red Mulberry
Redhaven Reliance
River Birch Root Feeder
Root Feeder Evergreen Cartridges Root Feeder Tree Cartridges
Root Irrigator Rose of Sharon - Aphrodite
Rose of Sharon - Ardens Rose of Sharon - Diana
Rose of Sharon - Lucy Rose of Sharon-Jeanne DArc
Rose of Sharon-Morning Star Rose of Sharon-Paeonyflorus
Royal Fern Russian Olive
S.E. Wild Crabapple Santa Rosa
Sargents Crabtree Sassafras Tree
Sawtooth Oak Scotch Pine
Shumard Oak Siberian Elm
Silver Maple Silver Star
Silverbell Snow Drift
Snow White Flwrng. Dogwood Snowball Bush - Common
Soil Knife Soil Knife Sheath
Solo Multi-purpose sprayer Sonata
Sourwood Southern Lady Fern
Southern Red Oak Specialty Pruning Shears
Sphagnum Moss - 432 cubic in. Sphagnum Moss - 75 cubic in.
Spice Bush Spiraea - Frobeli
Spiraea - Goldflame Spiraea - Little Princess
Spiraea - Snowmound Spiraea - Van Houtteis
Standard Bypass Pruner Stanley
Stella Step Probe Soil Sampler
Sugar Maple Sugarberry
Sumac - Flameleaf Sumac - Fragrant
Sumac - Smooth Sumac - Staghorn
Sunburst Honey Locust Sunflower Seed Kit
Sunglo Swamp Chestnut Oak
Swamp White Oak Sweet Bay Magnolia
Sweet Gum Sweetheart
Sweetshrub TerraSorb Medium
Texana Nuttall Oak Texas Whitebud
The Dark Lady The Fairy
Thornless Honeylocust Tilton
Toothwood Fern Tree & Plant Protector
Tree Fertilizer Tablets Tree Guard ?
Tree Lilac Tree Ring Soaker Hose
Tree Shelter - 2 feet Tree Shelter - 3 feet
Tree Staking Kit Tree Trainer
Treegator® Drip Irrigation Treegator® Jr.
Trees Playing Cards Trident Maple
Trumpet Creeper Tulip Poplar
Van Viburnum - Arrowwood
Viburnum - Doublefile Vinyl Tree Wrap - 24 inches
Vinyl Tree Wrap - 36 inches Virginia Creeper
Virginia Creeper Walking Fern
Washington Hawthorne Water Oak
Water Tupelo Weeping Cherry
Weeping Willow Weigela - Pink
Weigela - Red Weigela - Red Prince
Weigela - Variegated Wenatchee
White Ash White Flowering Dogwood
White Fringe Tree White Mulberry
White Oak White Spruce
White Walnut Wild Flower Seed Kit
Wild Flowers Playing Cards Wild Fox Grape
William Baffin Willow Hybrid
Willow Oak Wilt Pruf
Wine Sap Witch-hazel - Common
Witch-hazel - Vernal WWII Memorial Rose
Yellow Buckeye Yellow Trumpet Creeper
Yoshino Flowering Cherry Yucca - Variegated
Zephirine Drouhin Zumi Crabapple
5 Favorite Flowers 5 Favorite SunFlowers
Dried Flowers Kids Butterfly Kit
Kids Hummingbird Kit Kitty Cat Garden
Lovers Garden Native Wildflowers
Windowsill Herbs How-to Create your own Wildflower Meadow Video
Hummingbird Garden Seeds from Santa
Songbird Garden Tulip Topper
Midwest Mix Northeast Mix
Pacific NW Mix Southeast Mix
Southwest Mix Western Mix
American Flag Baby's Breath
Daisy Favor Sunflower Favor
Wildflower Favor Wildflower Full Size
All Annual Mix All Perennial Mix
Butterfly Mix Drought Tolerant Mix
Low Grow Mix Partial Shade Mix
Forget Me Not

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