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Trees with blue (glaucous) and silver foliage


ALNUS INCANA Leaves grey underneath.

CRATAEGUS ORIENTALIS Leaves grey on both sides, deeply cut.

EUCALYPTUS The tree has numerous species, but their hardiness over a long period is doubtful; E. gunnii is the best known.

POPULUS ALBA The white poplar has white twigs and undersides of the leaves, the best form for the garden being the erect-growing pyramidalis. P. canescens has grey leaves and makes a large, vigorously suckering tree.

SALIX ALBA The white willow is a large tree unsuitable for most gardens but its variety sericea is a smaller, round-headed tree with whiter leaves. SORBUS ARIA The whitebeam and all its cultivars have a persistent vivid, white underside to the leaves; in lutescens the upper surface also is creamy-white.

TILIA PETIOLARIS This has silvery undersides to the large, drooping leaves; in T. tomentosa the underneath is quite white.


CEDRUS ATLANTICA GLAUCA A large tree with glaucous-blue, and in some specimens, almost silvery leaves. CHAMAECYPARIS LAWSONIANA Includes a number of glaucous-blue foliaged cultivars, including allumii, columnaris, elegantissima, erects alba, fraseri, glauca (better known as 'Milford Blue Jacket'), robusta glauca, 'Silver Queen' (the foliage turning green in late summer) and 'Triomphe de Boskoop' (tending towards blue).

CUPRESSUS ARIZONICA 'Bonita' has very grey-blue foliage; in pyramidalis it is somewhat bluer.

JUNIPERUS CHINENSIS PYRAMIDALIS Has markedly blue foliage; J. recurva coxii has blue-green leaves; J. virginiana glauca is silvery-blue.

PICEA GLAUGA A large spruce with bluish green leaves; P. pungens has grey-green leaves, the cultivar glaUca is smaller with grey-blue leaves and glauca moerheimii is an even more intensely colored form.


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