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Evergreen trees


It is as well to remember that these often drop their leaves untidily in summer.

ARBUTUS All species and hybrids.

BUXUS All species and cultivars.

EUCALYPTUS All species.

ILEX I. x altaclarensis, I. aquifolium and their cultivars are evergreen hollies. LIGUSTRUM LUCIDUM A species of privet often reaching tree size, has handsome dark green, glossy leaves, and white flowers in late summer.

MAGNOLIA DELAVAYI This and M. grandiflora are evergreens reaching tree size.

PHILLYREA LATIFOLIA A neglected, small evergreen tree with dense, darkgreen, glossy foliage.

QUERCUS ILEX The holm oak and Q. suber, the cork oak, are handsome trees capable of reaching large sizes, the latter needing mild conditions.

UMBELLULARIA CALIFORNICA The Californian laurel is usually a small tree with aromatic leaves.


All conifers are evergreen with the exception of Ginkgo, Larix (larch), Metasequoia and Taxodium (swamp cypress).

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